Saturday, November 03, 2012

Still No New News in Phil Ivey UK Baccarat Case

Baccarat Cheat?
I am sure that many of you are waiting for updates on the Phil Ivey standoff with London´s ritzy Crockfords Casino over the more than $10 million the American poker pro won during an amazing run of fantastic luck at the baccarat table. Crockfords, however, doesn´t seem to believe that luck had much to do with Ivey´s good fortune. Without outright saying they suspected him and his beautiful Asian female partner cheating, they still continue to withhold Ivey´s winnings, and now more than three months have passed and the impasse remains intact.

I have no further news on this and am as anxious as you are to see how this case is finally resolved. As soon as I hear, I will post any updates.