Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Beauty of the Reverse Casino and Poker Scam

If you have been following my poker cheating and casino cheating blogs lately, you will have noticed that I have been writing about poker reverse-cheat scams as well as casino reverse-cheat scams. To refresh your memory of what a "reverse" scam is, it is simply a scam in which the primary victim thinks he is involved in a scam that is scamming somebody else and that he will share in the profits. He never has an idea that he himself is the victim. Like any ordinary scam, a reverse scam preys on the victim's greed, not to mention his willingness to scam somebody else, whether that be a gambler or a gambling casino or poker room.

Before you go on reading this article, please read these two reverse scams to get a flavor of how they work. Then I will give you the details on WHY they work.

Scam 1

Scam 2

Okay, now you have read about both these great reverse cheat scams, one at the casino baccarat table, the other at the poker table, and now you are wondering exactly why they work...I mean beyond the obvious driving factor of the victim's greed. Well, for those of you who don't know, even straight people who have never scammed a penny from anyone or anything in their life often fantasize about doing just that. Everyone on the planet, at one time or another, says to himself or herself, "Wouldn't it be just great if I could cheat that bastard out of..." or "Cheat that damned airline or bank!"

You betcha.

So now imagine how tempting it is to become a scammer when you are already embroiled in the poker and gambling world. The first pre-requisite in finding a reverse poker or casino scam victim is that he (or she) be intelligent and know a lot about poker and casinos. You may think this sounds contradictive, but it is not. People with average or below average intelligence are plainly not smart enough to fall for a reverse scam. Such a person would be asking too many stupid questions and thinking too many dumb things, and above all, worrying that he is somehow being set-up. But a sharp casino and poker-seasoned veteran will immediately understand the believability and credibility of the scam that he thinks he will be part of.

So now you have the first step. The next extremely important element of the reverse scam is that you get the victim's money in a way that coincides with what that victim thinks the scam is. In the baccarat reverse scam, the victim does not mind losing his money to the scammer because he believes that the loss is just part of an offset process to make the casino believe that legitimate high action is taking place on the part of the scammer to obtain casino credit.

In the reverse poker scam, the victim does not mind losing his money to the scammer because he believes he will be getting it all back, and then some, when they all cut up the profits they scammed from the other players at the table.

The last phase of the reverse casino and poker cheat scams is escaping with the victim's money in a fashion that does not panic the victim (or at least in the way that he thinks HE is being scammed. If the scammer, just after having taken all the victim's chips, suddenly gets up and leaves the table by himself, the victim might indeed panic and think he has just been taken for all his money. But if the scammer leaves being escorted by what the victim thinks are casino security agents (or worse), the victim's panic will only be directed to his own safety and escape, and not the thought that he had just been scammed.

So there you have it: the beauty of planning and pulling off the poker cheat reverse scam and the baccarat cheat reverse scam...and don't forget: I have been a victim of the reverse scam as well!