Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poker and Casino Cheating Wave Beginning to Hit Ohio's New Casinos

A lot of cheating is going on in the new Ohio casinos, especially the Hollywood Casino in Toledo. However, the difference between the cheating going on in this new casino versus the cheating that usually go on in new baby casinos is that Hollywood Casino is being taken off by some of its own dealers. You rarely see a brand-new casino, especially an American one, falling victim to inside scams this early. Usually the dealers are too green and nervous about keeping their jobs. In areas such as Singapore and Macau, the crooked dealers are ready to rake off from day one.

The latest inside scam at the Toledo casino I heard about was a roulette pastposting scam with the dealer´s cooperation. He just simply let his cohorts make late bets. These type scams are usually easy for even rookie surveillance to see, but the better scams will certainly go unnoticed in these virgin Ohio casinos.