Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Allison's World Game Protection Conference Continues Charade of Worthlessness in 2012

Mr. Smooth
Willy Allison has outdone himself this year with his 2012 World Game Protection Conference line-up of speakers. He's got the number of them way up from last year, but unfortunately this 2012 roster is filled with speakers who have little or nothing to do with modern game protection. The list is again filled with computer software specialists, bank security experts and magicians (THIS IS THE BIGGEST JOKE as if SAL PIACENTE wasn't enough of a magician to satisfy this un-needed prerequisite to speak at the WGPC), and Piacente is not much more than a magician.

Add to this criminalogists, businessmen of the year and sales directors, and you get to see the picture of what I'm talking about. True, there are the few so-called "game protection" specialists, but they're none other than Bill Zender (who should be nicknamed the "e-mail bomber" for his relentless unsolicted e-mail bombardments hyping his baccarat-cheating seminars), Sal "THE HITMAN" (why the heck would a so-called game protection consultant call himself "THE HITMAN"?), and, of course, master magician George Joseph. Zender will do his hyped-up baccarat-cheating presentation, hoping to make casino executives think baccarat cheat-scams are as prevalent in casinos as cards and chips, and that they need to hire him immediately to come to their casinos and wise them up. Zender, in his 3-times-per-month emails to everyone in his "contacts box," has exaggerated this baccarat cheating-plague to the point where it fraudulent information. Anyone who does not believe me about Zender can contact me for specific proof of his miswritings and misinformation.

Piacente, on the other hand, will delight the conference-goers with his magic card tricks in off-conference-hour bar gatherings, and use that non-game-protection-related performance to make everyone think he is "Mr. Game Protection." BAck in 2007 when I was the WGPC keynote speaker (the last one who had anything to do with game protection, I might add), Piacente gave a lecture on casino-cheating with cellphones and other high-tech devices. I wonder if Piacente crammed the info he gave out like a college kid cramming for a mid-term exam.

Allison uses repetitive speakers to cover the items he wants covered, even though these speakers really no nothing or very little about the topics they are presenting.

I have been trying to convince repeat WGPC conference-goers and first-timers that Allison's so-called game protection conference is all smoke and mirrors designed solely to put a big pie of money in Allison's pocket, and to get more casinos to hire Zender, Piacente and Joseph to come to their properties and give seminars, all of which have no real effect on better-equipping casinos against cheats and advantage players,let alone raising casinos' bottom line.

In short, and I don't want to sound crude here, if you are attending your first World Game Protection Conference this February 29, I hope you get what I mean about the smoke and mirrors.

If you are a repeat attendee, you are a sucker!