Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hall of Fame Craps Cheat Brent Eli Morris Sentenced to 8 to 20 Years in Vegas!

Cheat Hall of Famer Morris
Yep, upon his latest casino cheating conviction, Morris got another stiff sentence. He has already spent a significant time in prison for other casino cheating violations. This guy really has it in his blood!

Already blacklisted from casinos, Brent Eli Morris was sentenced to eight to 20 years in prison on Monday for cheating at craps.

Morris was arrested Sept. 22 after he was spotted playing craps at Caesars Palace.

A District Court jury convicted the 54-year-old in March of two counts of felony commission of a fraudulent act in a gaming establishment or cheating.

In a separate trial immediately before the sentencing, Judge Jerry Tao found Morris guilty of four gross misdemeanors for entry into a gaming establishment by an excluded person. Tao also ruled Morris was a habitual criminal, a sentencing enhancement under the law that allows for a lengthier prison term.

Prosecutor Rob Stephens said Morris' method of cheating is known as "past post betting," meaning that after the dice had rolled, he slipped chips into winning areas on the table.

Morris was placed in the infamous Black Book, also known as the List of Excluded Persons, by the Nevada Gaming Commission in February 1994 after he served several years in the Southern Nevada Correctional Center at Indian Springs for cheating at a Lake Tahoe casino in 1989.

In September, Caesars Palace surveillance personnel alerted the Gaming Control Board's enforcement division that a person who looked like Morris was seen playing craps inside the casino.

Morris had reportedly been seen playing craps on Sept. 17 at the Excalibur.

When Morris was detained by gaming agents, he had numerous $500 gaming chips from The Orleans. Gaming agents said Morris also had been gambling at The Orleans.

Morris, who is also on New Jersey's list of excluded persons, has a history of assault and battery, theft, fraud, and cheating arrests and convictions dating to 1975.

The defense attorney for Morris did not immediately return a call requesting comment.