Saturday, October 08, 2011

Identity Theft Mixing More and More With Casino Cheating!

Casino cheats have been using quality fake IDs in and around casinos lately. Firstly, it is great to have a great set of fake ID if you're caught cheating a casino and get hustled off to the back room and interrogated, especially if you don't get arrested and never give up your fingerprints. In this scenario, all the intercasino bulletins will be looking out for a phony name, and if you disguise yourself up a bit, you will be able to cheat casinos under their radar.

Also, casino cheats are turning to thieving IDs while working slot and casino promotion and VIP player bonus scams, using various phony IDs to bilk the casinos out of complementary programs by racking up bunches of bonus points under phony names.

And stretching it a bit, at least one notorious casino cheat has used the best fake ID of all to avoid capture...that claiming he is "Mr. Dead"! This guy (I won't bother naming what is supposed to be his real name because it probably isn't) raked millions out of casinos in Singapore and the Philippines and then when the heat got hot, he simply had an obituary written on him and published in newspapers in both countries!

Not a bad way to beat the heat!!!