Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not First Police Officer to Plead Guilty to Casino Cheating

In a sad casino cheat case from San Diego, California, a police officer serving the nearby community of Chula Vista has pleaded guilty to capping his blackjack bets at the Syvuan Casino located outside of San Diego.

Thirty-year-old cop Jesus Angel Salazar copped out to a misdemeanor and will receive only probation, which seems fair in the case as not much money, mainly red $5 gaming chips, was involved. He also pled guilty to driving under the influence, which may have helped him avoid jail time for the casino cheating charge.

My take: I am always saddened to hear about police officers getting involved in cheating casinos. In most cases, it comes with the pressure of the job and related marital problems, and often stems directly from drinking problems. I am glad to see that the courts took it easy on this guy, and hopefully he can continue on serving his community as a law enforcement officer.