Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Pastposting and Bet-Capping Will Always Be Number-1 Choice of Casino Cheats

There are hundreds (I will not exaggerate and say "thousands") of ways to cheat gambling casinos. Some are sophisticated such as laser card-marking and the use of digital cameras to spy what are supposed to be unseen cards. Others are simple if not hard to pull off such as mucking cards or switching dice on craps tables. Still others are real easy, mainly pastposting and bet-capping, although the more professional casino cheats applying these methods have to develop considerable skills to make their cheat moves.

But why are bet-capping (simply adding chips to an already winning or very probable winning bet) and pastposting (making an entire bet after a winning outcome is known) the most popular? And why will they always be the most popular methods of cheating gambling casinos? Because in casino cheating theory they are often the first thing all levels of casino cheats think of. What could be more conceptually simple than adding chips to a winning bet and betting when you already have a winner. Add to this that there usually is no equipment involved and that it is usually quite easy to physically do and you have the perfect formula to Casino Cheating 101 through Casino Cheating 1001. As sophisticated as my professional casino-cheat teams were, they were always based on pastposting, bet capping or other types of chip manipulations. Why get involved in laser and digital equipment if you can cheat the casinos for big money using only your brains and your hands (not to mention your balls!) And, of course, by cheating the casino via pastposting or bet-capping you are avoiding the bigger legal problems incurred when getting caught with cheating equipment.

So if you gotta cheat, keep it simple, straight and stupid and whatever else KISS can stand for!