Thursday, February 03, 2011

Baccarat "Cutting" Cheat Scam is Scam Itself!...Not Much More Than A Tool Used By Bill Zender to Frighten Casinos into Hiring His Game Protection Services

Bill Zender Using Trumped-Up Scam Publicity To Get Casinos To Hire Him.

Everyone in the casino industry has been getting shelled by a constant bombardment of emails advertising Bill Zender's Baccarat Game Protection Seminars, in which Bill keeps telling us all how an international army of baccarat cheats is threatening the very existence of casinos. The latest in this scourge is the so-called Baccarat "Cutting" cheat scam where baccarat cheats conceal cameras up their sleeves while playing high-limit baccarat. Then when the cards are shuffled the player who cuts the deck does so in a way that the camera records the cards' values, enabling the cheats to view the sequence.

According to Zender, "The player who cuts the cards gets off the table, goes into the restroom, looks at the PDA, whatever he's recording it on, and says, ‘Okay, I've got enough material here.' They take the PDA off the property. They go through it. They write down the sequence." Then a player returns a few minutes later to the table with a cheat-sheet and the group of cheats bets the table limit for a big amount of hands contained in this slug of known cards.

Well, I took a closer look at this baccarat cheat scam and found out that it is nothing more than a scam by Bill Zender to make casinos think that this card-cutting scam is the scam of the century. Bill has managed to get himself on Las Vegas TV newscasts and in the Las Vegas Sun Newspaper, both of which do not fail to mention that Zender is a casino security consultant who can come to your casino and teach you how to defend against this highly exaggerated scam. In the WLAS Vegas TV-cast, the reporter claims that the scam has already raked in "Tens of Millions."

Gimme a break! No way a player's hand (regardless of the quality of the camera up his sleeve) can separate enough cards in the baccarat shoe to record a single hand, let alone an entire slug or shoe. Unless, of course, the dealer is sleeping. The reality is (I was once a baccarat dealer) that the dealers are trained to hold the pack of cards tight and allow the players to slip the cut-card into the pack. The player cannot go through a lacing motion with the cut-card to separate and film the cards. I am not saying that this scam has never been pulled off for a hand or two, but it certainly is nothing in comparison with the false-shuffle baccarat scams where the cheats REALLY record a significant amount of cards and beat the casinos for serious money.

And EVEN IF this scam were deadly, all the casinos would have to do to nullify it is have their dealers make sure the faces of the cards are securely toward them and not the players when offering a player the cut card. If the backs of the cards are toward the cutter, how is he going to get the camera in position to ruffle through the faces? That would take some flick of the wrist!

Sorry, Bill, no the casinos don't need you to protect them from this scam!

And please Bill, STOP THE CRAP!