Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Worst Online Poker and Cheating Blunders of 2010!

Source: Casino Scam Report

Casino’s and player’s throughout the year made some major blunders which ended up making their way into the news. So we have compiled a few of the most memorable “screw ups” of 2010 for you to read and reminisce. Enjoy!

Betfair Casino Giveth & Taketh Away! – Betfair Casino had a fantastic promotion in 2010 called their “Happy Hour”. This was an unlimited bonus event where players were only required to roll their bonus over 10 times before being allowed to cash out, which in online gambling is Fantastic! So of course, thousands of players took them up on their offer. Well once management at the casino saw how many players were taking them up on this “Happy Hour” bonus they realized the promotion was “too” generous and they stood to lose too much money. So, what they did next was a huge blunder! A great number of players ended up not receiving their winnings of this bonus and some were actually told to return their winnings! LOL, can you believe that? There were threats that if they didn’t return the winnings there accounts would be put in the negative until all monies were paid back. Betfair was spanked hard by the gaming community and had to absorb all losses and be happy about it.

Self Banned Gambler Loses out on Jackpot Win – A man from New Zealand knew he had a gambling problem and asked the casinos to ban him from playing at their casino. All was well and good until one night in Aug. 2010 when he felt like playing a little Caribbean Stud poker at the very same casino that was supposed to keep him out, let him in, let him gamble, and he ended up winning $60,000! But the casino refused to pay him the winnings when they realized he was the man that asked to be banned 6 years earlier! The case was headed to authorities the last we heard.

Poker Player Sues 6 other Players for his losses! – Scott Crespo played in over 700 poker tournaments online, against some of the biggest and best in online poker. Being the sore loser that he was, he turned around and tried to sue 6 well-known poker players for his losses claiming he was cheated! Crespo lives in Illinois where it is possible to recover your gambling losses if you can prove cheating, and that’s what he tried to do. Honestly, if you lose 700 poker tournaments you suck at poker and should go find another line of work. Just saying.

These are some of the big Blunders that took place in 2010; there is more but not enough room to write them all tonight. Look for more in the future, because in the online gambling world there are plenty of strange and stupid stories out there and we love to report them!