Friday, January 14, 2011

Repeat Roulette Cheating Scam Busted at Delaware Park Casino!

Jhon Soriano-Alequin of New York apparently doesn't get the message that rinky-dink roulette scams just are not worth the trouble, even in rinky-dink casinos. Soriano-Alequin, who comes from New York and apparently has more street smarts than casino smarts, was arrested for the ages-old roulette cheat scam of buying in for low-value roulette chips at one table and then passing them off to accomplices who snuck them into another roulette game in the casino after having bought in for higher-value roulette chips of their own. Since roulette chips are non-redeemable at the casino cage and assigned values on the table according to players' wishes, this type of scam is possible, although it is quite known by virtually every casino roulette dummy supervisor on the planet. What makes this worse is that Soriano's three roulette cheat accomplices; Joe Diaz, Nelson Gonzalez and Robert Dominguez, all from New York, got busted for this same scam in another casino back in September 2009 and were out on bail awaiting trial when they got caught with this new scam--last July! That's right, this latest scam happened six months ago, which leads to a load of questions such as "What took so long for the casino to bust these guys?"

The cheat charges this time are conspiracy and cheating at gambling, and theft. Soriano, who wasn't in on the first bust, got bail while his roulette-cheat buddies are gonna have to sit in jail for awhile. They won't be able to go for strike-three while awaiting trial this time.

My take: There is a lot of idiocy and delinquency involved here. First of all, did Soriano know his roulette-cheat cohorts had already been busted for the same scam, or was he duped into getting involved? I sure hope for his sake that he was duped! If not, he is an idiot and will surely be nominated for Casino-Cheat Turkey of the Year next Thanksgiving.

As far as Delaware's Delaware Park casino is concerned: Why did it take six months to arrest these guys? Is there surveillance team so inept that they didn't catch on when it was going on? If so, then how DID they catch on? Sounds like it may have been a rat job with one of the cheats' girlfriends or something???