Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Information Says Korean Baccarat Cheats Scammed Foxwoods Casino Out of $1 Million Using Simple Holdout Device!

Again, shame on Foxwoods, the longtime easiest casino in the world to cheat out of big money. The huge baccarat scam last November cleared a cool million before inept and poorly trained surveillance operators at Foxwoods finally caught on. It was first reported that the Korean casino cheats used electronic devices of some sort, but now it has been revealed that the device was a simple holdout device, where cards are removed from a game and slid into a gadget hidden under a sleeve. These holdout devices are typically used in crooked home poker games where the cheats don't have to worry about being prosecuted if caught with the device.

Incredible that Foxwoods, the biggest grossing casino in the entire world fell victim to a simple holdout-device scam on its baccarat tables.

They really need some REAL game protection--from me!