Friday, January 21, 2011

Minnesota Mystic Lake Blackjack Dealer Cheated His Casino To Attract Hot Women!

No doubt that casino action and hot women go together, and no doubt that cheating and cheating go together whenever there are hot women playing blackjack in casinos. I am talking about hot women cheating on their boyfriends and husbands and, of course, hot women involved in casino and poker cheating.

Jacob Christensen, a blackjack dealer at the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota, must have been dealing blackjack with a constant hard-on watching those midwestern lovelies stroll across the casino floor. When a trio of them sat down at his table, Christensen got really excited and blew his load...or I should say "blew the casino's load." Without a word to them about what he was going to do, Christensen began paying their winning well as their losing hands and push (tie) hands, which is a very amateurish cheat scam. I guess he was trying to get into their pants by giving them a very lucky night in the casino, which turned into many lucky nights!

Casino surveillance eventually caught on to Christensen's shooting the casino's load and Minnesota State Police were notified. They conducted an investigation and busted the smitten dealer. Christensen immediately admitted cheating the blackjack table and explained he only did it because the women were good-looking and he wanted to impress them. He pleaded to fraud on January 6th.

It was determined that Christensen paid out a total of $3,875 to one woman, $9,500 to another (who happened to be the daughter of his landlord), and $5,075 to a third. The prosecutor entered into evidence a number of suspicious checks written by the landlord's daugheer to the dealer, which suggests to me that Christensen was at least getting something out of the blackjack cheat scam. However, the judge presiding agreed that Christensen's motive was his lust and not his greed, so she gave him a lenient sentence of eighty hours of community service and three years' probation. Christensen will also have to reimburse Mystic Lake Casino for $18,720, the amount he paid out to the women. He has also been placed in the Minnesota Casino Black Book, which bans him for life from all the state's casinos.

The women were not charged.

My take: Well, I hope the poor guy at least got laid for his casino-cheat efforts! At least by one of hot ladies if not two or all three! But I would bet my last dollar that he didn't get any sex, as that's the way it usually goes.

I was a casino dealer myself and cannot deny the temptation of all those big-titted, round-assed strutting their stuff through the casino, but the worst thing a dealer could ever do is get involved in a cheating scam with people he doesn't know--especially women!

Women will rat you out faster than casino security can get the handcuffs on you! Luckily for Christensen, the judge was a woman...who probably felt sorry for the poor chap.