Thursday, December 09, 2010

Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas Says It Has Best Anti-Casino Cheat Surveillance System in Existence!

Well, maybe so, but that doesn't change the fact that hardly anyone worth his cheating weight would bother going into the Golden Gate Casino in the first place. For those of you who don't know the place, the Golden Gate casino is one of the longtime dingy bastions of Fremont Street (excuse me, now it's called the "Fremont Street Experience") that for eighty years now based its reputation on its 50-cent shrimp cup. In fact, despite its recent facelifts it is still...well, if you read the opening paragraph of the first chapter of my book American Roulette, the "downtown grungy casino" I am talking about is really the Golden Gate.

Funny story: In January, 2000, I walked into the place after not having been in there for 20 years. I recognized a floorman who had been there the first time I ever was, and that was five years or so before the last time I had been there, which means that floorman had at that point been working there at least 25 years. When I said to him with amazment, "You're still working here?" he replied, "I'm still working in this toilet." Then he added with a chuckle, "I've worked in a few other toilets in Vegas, but this place is the toiletest." You can bet I cracked up!

Here's the article on the Golden Gate's new surveillance system, with my little comments in parentheses.

A leading casino (gimme a break!) in Las Vegas has installed a high-definition (HD) security surveillance system to crack down on gambling cheaters. The system in the Golden Gate casino and hotel is able to be monitored and controlled remotely, from anywhere in the world, which the joint-head of the casino says is reassuring.

Golden Gate casino, which is based on Fremont Street, was established in 1906, making it one of the most historic casinos in Las Vegas. Greg Stevens, the co-owner of casino, says the CCTV system will help the establishment watch out for cheating and - through the use of video analytics - will be able to spot former cheats (even me!). "The clarity and detail that the HD cameras will deliver will transform our surveillance operation. (for what)? The use of HD cameras … for crisp face shots will also enhance the use of facial recognition software and make it much more viable to thwart known cheats."

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Made In China...Online Poker Bots, Brick and Mortar Roulette Computers and Poker and Casino Cheat Paraphernalia

Everyone knows the sticker, tag or imprint "Made in China", right? I mean, it started with clothes, cheap disposable and hard goods, then progressed to sneakers and better quality electronic equipment, and now it has grown to full-fledged poker bot cheating software and brick and mortar roulette computers and sensors. This should not surprise anyone as the Chinese have always been able to undercut everyone else's prices for the manufacture of just about everything. We are now seeing a huge increase in the numbers of poker bot cheat software being written by Chinese programmers in China (and Chinese living elsewhere in the world) as well as roulette computers that are now starting to overtake the UK manufacturers of this type of casino cheat equipment.

So, what about the quality of poker cheat equipment and software coming out of China? Is it inferior like much of the Chinese goods that are distributed worldwide? The answer to this question is yes and no. Yes for hard roulette computer equipment and no for online poker bot programs. The reason for this "no" is obvious since there is no factory and no workers involved in the production of computer bot software. But such is not the case in the manufacture of casino roulette computers that are being produced just like other hard goods out of China--in factories, be it large or small.

So if you're an online poker cheat who can get a good deal on a poker bot, absolutely take it! If you're a brick and mortar casino cheat looking to cheat your way with a roulette computer--avoid the Chinese roulette computers like the plague!!!