Friday, September 03, 2010

Is Willy Allison's Black Chip Training Seminar Worth the Purple Chip Needed to Attend?

Several casino table games and surveillance directors have contacted me about Willy Allison's Black Chip Training Seminar, taking place Sept 20-24 at UNLV in Las Vegas. They all want to know if this yet ANOTHER offshoot of Allison's World Game Protection Conference is worth the $500 entry fee.

My response to them, and to you if interested, is absolutely not. Allison's Black Chip Training is the same thing as his Surveillance Directors Academy, which is the same thing as his World Game Protection Conference: simply more smoke and mirrors and tired presentations on how you can protect your casinos from advantage players and cheats, of course using the same over and over again speakers to inform you.

If you've noticed, you have been absolutely barraged by Bill Zender, Allison's associate and business partner, during the past six months practically begging you to attend this seminar or that one, the latest being his everything-you-need-to-know-about-baccarat-cheats. I did not attend the seminar but have been told it detailed highly exaggerated accounts of baccarat cheating going on across the world and that will surely go on in your casino if you don't attend his seminars.

But, heck, I understand "Will and Bill" as they like to call themselves. They have to keep promoting the endless newness of the old scams to keep you coming to their conferences, seminars, and training sessions...speaking of which, I can't wait to see Allison's lineup for his next WGPC, especially the keynote speaker. We all know that Zender, Piacente and the rest of the "game protection consultants" will be there. But who will be the keynote speaker? Please, Willie, give us someone better than Kevin Mitnik, last year's WGPC keynote speaker who's an ex-computer hacker and knows absolutely nothing about casino game protection, be it high-tech or low-tech AND who had to come to me for help with his presentation.

And as for the Surveillance Directors Academy coming up in November, I'll answer your emails in advance: Forget that one too!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Was Online Poker Cheat Sorel Mizzi Cheated Out of $500,000 in Live Poker Home Game?

This would surprise me, as it is seldom that a supposed master cheat falls victim to any cheat scam within the realm of his own cheat expertise. However, I have heard that Sorel Mizzi, the online poker whiz who's been accused multiple times of multi-accounting and other poker online cheat scams and who's admitted to the former, was victim to a high class poker card-marking team posing as a group of European high-rollers to the tune of half a million bucks! Supposedly this happened in London, and in a top-shelf hotel room (reminscent of the Steve Forte poker scam at the Atlantic City Borgata).

If this actually happened to Mizzi, should we give him a pass on the latest online poker cheat accusations leveled at him? If you've missed it, he was accused only last week of several more online poker cheat violations concerning the rigging of multi-table tournaments, some of which revolve around what he's already admitted to: multiaccounting.

You know, maybe we can look at Mizzi as a victim gone bad, something like the main character on the TV series "Breaking Bad" who becomes a drug dealer after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in the aim of leaving his family financially stable when he's gone.

Or maybe we can't...Of course we can't! Whether or not Mizzi was cheated out of five hundred grand or not, he is still a cheating piece of...!

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Idea: Online Poker CHEATING ONLY Site!

Do you get it?...Okay, you're not's exactly like it sounds. Why not start up a brand-new online poker site using whatever software network and have only one requirement for online poker players to play on the site: they MUST cheat. Am I being facetious? Well...not really. I mean with all the cheating and all the cheating again and all the cheating again and again, why not start up a new online poker cheating site that levels the field so all online poker cheats can compete against each other and cheat each other out of their online poker money. I guess this sounds like a good satire film, something like "Thanks For Smoking," in which the cigarette industry is defended for putting out such a necessary product. To me it seems that cheating poker online has also become necessary to some degree.

"Thanks For Cheating." Good name for a satire film as well, but it's really the same with online poker. It seems nowadays that everyone is cheating or scheming to cheat, whether it be through collusion, bots, hacking, or just plain-out conning and stealing funds out of player accounts. So then imagine if we had an online poker cheating room where players would have to cheat or be banned from the site. Then the only online poker cheat scams we'd have on that site would be players being banned for not cheating, which would of course constitute cheating on that particular online poker site.

You know what...I think I want to do this...I mean seriously! Why not start the or maybe some of you could come up with a better name for my online poker cheat room. In fact, maybe some of you would like to invest in this online poker-cheat cheating venture? Or better yet...maybe someone out there wants to start this up on his own and simply use my name for the site (of course paying me for that privelege!)

I think this could really work. Of course we would probably have to set up the online poker cheat site with separate tables for collusion, bot-play, hacking hole-card play, etc...But wait a minute! We wouldn't have to do that! Why not just make every table an online poker cheat free-for-all!

If anyone out there is taking this post seriously, then do contact me at once!!!