Saturday, July 10, 2010

Major Online Poker Cheat Collusion Cheating Ring Exposed at PokerStars!

An organized group of online poker cheat colluders operating in China has been exposed by vigilant players at PokerStars who persistently complained about collusion cheating to the giant site's security department. Most of the online cheating happened at the $52-$108 Double or Nothing tables, where up to a half-dozen Chinese colluders huddled up at the same online poker table on many occasions.

This latest major online scandal surfaced when one of the accused poker cheats (supposedly a woman?) posted on the 2+2 Poker Forum that PokerStars had frozen her account under the screen name Jane0123. That post led to a chain reaction by members of the forum who immediately believed she was one of the online poker colluding cheats. PokerStars quickly launched an investigation and concluded that the collusion cheating ring did infact exist and that as many as fifty players might have been part of the cheating team. The site has already paid victimized players more than half a million dollars, a bit generous on its part as less than $100,000 was confiscated from the cheaters' accounts.

At this time it is not known exactly how much the victims lost to the organized online poker cheat colluders, nor how PokerStars plans on compensating them for lost leaderboard points.

If you believe you have been victimized by this online poker cheating group, contact PokerStars security at

Party Poker Takes Online Poker Cheats and Cheating to War!

I have been blogging about player safety in internet poker for six years now and Party Poker has been one of the few sites that during this time has both avoided cheating scandals and consistently appeared on my Top-10 rankings for the safest poker sites. In addition to its clean record as far as cheating and player-accounts security are concerned, Party Poker has also been a leader in offering the best player sign-up bonuses as well as maintaining top of the line customer support and service, with online response times among the best in the online gaming industry.

Another field of excellence from Party Gaming is its online betting and sportsbook offering accurate wagering lines on various sporting and gaming events from all over the world including American, Australian and European professional leagues as well as wagering opportunities for popular lawn and pub games like cricket and darts. Just about all the action you can think of is waiting for you at Party Poker, so if you´re new to Internet Gambling or you´re a veteran looking for a change for the better, don´t hesiteate to sign up.

My advice is that you can feel safe and protected from cheating scandals when playing on Party Gaming´s sites.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dice Sliding....Effective Way to Cheat at Craps?

If you're a steady reader of my blog, you know I have not been much of a fan of so-called dice control, especially the form of dice-control cheating pushed by Frank Scoblete. It has always been my belief that if the dice are thrown according to casino regulations and make contact with the far wall of the craps table, they will tumble randomly, and with the tumble crumble all attempts at successful dice control (excuse the cheap rhyme). However, dice-sliding is cheating because the dice-slider is attempting to roll the dice in an illegal fashion. The key is to slide one die along its surface close to the back wall without touching it, or if touching it, only touching it softly so that the die does not tumble. The other die is thrown normally to hit the back wall and give the impression that both dice were thrown normally without any attempt at illegality. The goal is to keep the boxman sitting at the craps table silent, or in other words, preventing him from calling out the dice-slider's dreaded phrase "No roll!"

If this can be done, one die controlled to come out a six makes certain craps proposition bets like box-cars (double-sixes) extremely attractive at odds of 30 to 1. If you can control one die to come out six, with the odds of the other one coming out 6 on the square being 5 to 1, your total bet has been made against true odds of 5 to 1 while the casino is paying you six times that amount. Not bad, huh? And even if you screw up with the slide control half the time you still have way the best of it.

How is dice-sliding done? The slider usually positions himself right next to the stickman so that the dice have the shortest distance to travel to the wall. For some reason as well, the boxmen have a tendency to let short rolls where one die doesn't hit the wall play more than they would for longer rolls coming from the ends of the craps tables. Also, dice-sliders usually work with a partner who will try to distract the boxman or dealers just at the moment the dice reach the far end of the table, strengthening the probability that "no roll" will not be called.

My opinion: Dice sliding is the best form of dice control out there, but will only fool casino craps staffs a small percentage of the time. This means that if dice-sliding teams are patient and diligent, they will find opportunites to make their money.