Thursday, December 02, 2010

Richard Marcus Casino Game Protection Training Seminars and Workshops Now Available

Attention Casino Executives:

If you want the typical game protection consultant, DO NOT hire Richard Marcus. He DOES NOT give you the tired Power Point presentation accompanied by surveillance footage you have already seen. He DOES really train you and your staff how to catch cheats, advantage players and dishonest employees as well as show you how to keep them out of your casino. If that interests you, then HIRE Richard Marcus.

He is the REAL DEAL...not one of the numerous magicians and card-tricksters out there calling themselves game protection consultants. They are phonies. Richard Marcus has DONE and SEEN it all. Remember, casino cheating has absolutely nothing to do with magic or sleight of hand. These people show you a few card and dice tricks to convince you they are experts at cheating. The truth is they wouldn't know a casino cheat if they tripped over one.

Read more about Richard's Casino Game Protection Training Courses and Seminars here.