Friday, November 05, 2010

World Game Protection Conference...Hey Willy, Who's Gonna be Your Keynote "So-Called" Game Protection Expert Speaker at your 2011 edition?

Those of you who have attended Willy Allison's World Game Protection Conference in the past or who follow it via Allsion's website and Catwalk letters online may have noticed one thing different going into his 2011 conference: he has still not named a keynote speaker...or for that matter any speakers. In the past, Allison has always had his keynote speaker named by August and most of the program set by the end of November, as his conference takes place annually in late February or early March.

So Willy, what's up?

Well, I know what's up. Allison's gone fishing! That is he's looking to bait and hook someone he can call an expert keynote speaker who can at least give the appearance that he or she is relevant to modern-day game protection. As you know, last year's WGPC keynote speaker, the computer hacker Kevin Mitnick, not only had nothing to do with game protection but had to come to ME for his presentation. Then back in 2008 and 2009, Allison brought in blackjack authors and players Edward Thorpe and Mike Aponti, both of whom are respected in blackjack but have nothing to do with game protection.

So now I am getting why Allison has been tardy announcing his keynote speaker for the 2011 World Game Protection...he's having trouble finding one.

Anyone have any suggestions for him? How 'bout an Israeli counter-terrorist?...Oh wait, he did that one already...How 'bout a cop from Interpol or some other international law-enforcement organization...oh yeah, he's already done that too...

Wait! How 'bout ME!!! Why not? I already keynoted his conference once; I can do it again. At least I would be a REAL game protection expert.

Well, I don't think I'm gonna be getting a call from ol' Willy anytime soon...but I can't wait to see who he comes up with this time!