Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Was Anti-Sunglasses Cheating Crusader Negreanu Wearing Sunglasses in PokerStars TV commercial?

I recently heard that Daniel Negreanu, who sounded like he wants to all but crucify poker players wearing sunglasses at brick and mortar poker tables in his anti-poker cheating tirades, was actually wearing sunglasses in his latest TV ad commercial for the giant online poker site PokerStars. Now, I didn't see this TV commercial ad myself, so I would appreciate anyone reading this blog who did indeed see it sending me an email to confirm this unholy "sunglasses sighting"!

If it is true, I can only say what I have said before...that Negreanu is full of shit and has a BIG mouth. He is an integral part of the GSN poker TV show "High Stakes Poker," which for me is the biggest cheat scam in the history of brick and mortar poker. You can read about that here.

In any case, Negreanu, who has publicly stated that he considers wearing sunglasses at live poker tables a form of cheating, is making millions hawking the PokerStars poker room, and you can bet your sweet ass that if they want him to wear sunglasses for their TV commercials, Negreanu is gonna do it in a New York second...So much for his anti-sunglasses cheating crusade!