Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Baccarat Cheating Scam Detected at Foxwoods...the Easiest Major Casino in the World to Cheat At!

I have always been saying how incredible it is that after nearly 20 years in operation, Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, possibly the biggest earning casino in the world, is still so frequently victimized by major casino and poker cheat scams.

First it was a Vietnamese baccarat cheat team, then it was the Richard Taylor craps scam involving Foxwoods employees. Now it's a Korean baccarat cheat team using a pair of special cheat devices. One was used to mark, read and keep track of the cards. The other may have been used for mucking cards out of play and then switching them with cards hidden in the device. The exactness of this is still unclear and I will report on it when I have more accurate details.

After a 3-month investigation, Connecticut State police have arrested a pair of South Koreans they say came to the US to professionally cheat Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun casino, the other giant reservation casino in Connecticut. They say the cheats pulled off their baccarat scam at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods.

Charged with 16 counts of conspiracy, casino cheating and possesion of a cheating device, and 7 counts of grand larceny, were 60 year-old Young Su Gu and 34-year-old Wookyung Kim, both of South Korea. The investigation was assisted by the Foxwoods Office of the Inspector General, New Jersey State police and the Department of Homeland Security WOW!). What's next?...Casino Terrorism!!!

My take: Well, this is not today's biggest news involving South Korea, which was this morning attacked by North Korea in a major border skirmish, but it is interesting. The use of devices in cheating at baccarat was first heralded by the infamous Tran Organization during a 5 year-$30 million inside baccarat scam, and cheating baccarat by that method seems to be on the rise. But let's not believe Bill Zender, who wants everyone in the casino industry to believe that baccarat cheating is spreading like the AIDS epidemic once did just so he can come to their casino and conduct a baccarat table game protection seminar.

I will keep a very interested eye on all this.