Monday, November 22, 2010

Bill Zender's Deceptive Game Protection Methods...You, as Casino Executives, Should Know About Them!

Same old brown shirt.
I didn't really want to write this article but take a look at my email inbox: it is inundated by emails from Bill Zender, who has been sending them to all of us in the casino industry at such an over-voluminous rate that I (for at least one) feel he is harassing us. This is so bothersome that I have decided to point out that as Bill Zender is obviously not the most knowledgeable person out there on casino game protection, he is certainly a master at one thing: the ART of BULLSHITTING.

Now go underneath my email inbox here and you can read several examples of how Mr. Zender and his nonstop "Casino-ology" attack hook you into believing that you absolutely have to go to his seminars. Each instance will site exactly what Zender says in his emails along with the psychological manipulation there within.


Bill Zender Hi from Bill Zender and Associates ‏
Bill Zender Zender's Advanced Baccarat Game Protection Seminar ‏ 10/25/10
Bill Zender Advanced Baccarat Game Protection Seminar Northern California‏ 10/21/10
Bill Zender Northern California Advanced Baccarat Game Protection Seminar‏ 10/14/10
Bill Zender Two day Game Protection Seminar in Washington
‏ 10/06/10
Bill Zender Advanced Baccarat Game Protection Seminar October 4th‏ 9/28/10
Bill Zender Zender's Advanced Baccarat Game ProtectionSeminar October 4th‏ 20/10
Bill Zender Hi from Bill Zender‏ 7/06/10
Bill Zender Pai Gow Game Protection‏ 6/14/10

Example 1) Notice how Bill Zender begins nearly all his "Catwalk" articles with "I recently received an email" that pertains to the subject of his article? For example: "I have received a number of emails over the past several years asking my opinion about how often playing cards should be changed on hand held/player touched games..." This appeared in his last Catwalk article on the subject of replacing cards in handheld blackjack games.

Well, Zender just uses this "I recently received an email" schtick to make us think that he is the authority that all you casino executives write to whenever you have a question, therefore you should go to his seminars at $500 a head or have him come to your casino and do his security and surveillance "evaluation" for $8,000. Truth is that the vast majority of these emails that Zender receives are fabrications for his articles.

Example 2) Notice how whenver he gives a seminar he urgently emails you telling you that there are just a "few seats remaining" and you had better book yours quickly before all thirty seats he "permits" are all sold out? Come on, Bill, even if this were true I hardly doubt you are going to lock anyone out, let alone the 31st person...if there ever is one.

Here is an example of this: "Time is running out to sign-ups for my Advanced Baccarat Game Protection Seminar that will be held Monday October 4th, in Downey California, at the Embassy Suite Suites. I still have a couple seats remaining for this informative and cost prevention presentation. Notice the block letters to emphasize his urgency!

Example 3) Notice how he is currently milking baccarat as the new cheating contagion in the worlds casinos, stressing how baccarat scams are so prolific now that they threaten the very fabric of your casinos? The truth is that all these baccarat scams that according to Bill will "hit closer to home" are insignificant in the real casino cheating world and only a tool to get you to his seminars. He is constantly playing off the Tran baccarat scam that is over and done with. Zender states in his urgent invite to his baccarat cheating seminar, "I have picked up some additional material for the presentation that I’ll be able to use in this presentation that didn’t appear in the Las Vegas seminar. We still will be going over recent information from the Far East regarding baccarat hand mucking teams, and some "closer to home"issues in North America. Some of the material will be..."

Here he even has to reassure you that his current baccarat cheating seminar is not overly repetitive of his last baccarat cheating seminar. Then he comes back to telling you in one of those "I received emails" from a number of casino executives that "since my Las Vegas seminar, I’ve been contacted by several of the LV attendees that have caught this play recently in their casinos or card rooms." Well, at least he made a change! He didn't say "email!" He said "contacted." Thanks, for the breath of fresh air, Bill! We really needed that!

Sure, Bill, I'm sure a whole bunch of casino executives "contacted" you to report witnessing this baccarat advantage play you speak of that gives the player a 9% advantage.

I can assure you all that advantage play in baccarat does not happen, and if it ever did would not give a 9% advantage to the player against the casino. The only way an edge that high happens is through plain and pure cheating.

But Bill Zender will say anything to get you to his $500 seminars or have you invite him as a consultant to your casinos for an $8,000 evaluation.

Example 4) Notice that Bill Zender uses the same BS when talking about "open dates" for his seminars, letting you know that in spite of his being so busy doing seminars in other casinos he will still make time for your casino wherever it may be. In his latest email dated November 15, it reads, "For those of you that are still considering either training or conducting a table games evaluation and analysis in 2010, I still have some open dates remaining for this year.

Okay Bill, I hope those aren't Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! LOL

Example 5) Hyping his new book...Bill writes, "I’ve been told by my publisher that “Casino-ology 2” is almost ready to send to the printers, and should be released sometime the early part of next year. I’m hoping for a January release. Casino-ology 2 is written in the same format as the first book, discussing problems and theories related to managing live table games. Personally, I’m excited about this newest edition to the Casino-ology series because it contains more information about mastering table games management, as well as a smattering of game protection information. If you liked the first “Casino-ology”, you will love Casino-ology 2. There’s a preview of the book on"

Heck, even I never promoted my own books like that!

Okay, so why am I bothering with this "verbocious" blog post? The answer is simple: If you want real casino game protection pertaining to the REAL casino cheating and advantage play world, call me, not Bill Zender, for your seminars. You will get the real deal about what really goes on in cheating casinos and how to stop it.