Friday, September 03, 2010

Is Willy Allison's Black Chip Training Seminar Worth the Purple Chip Needed to Attend?

Several casino table games and surveillance directors have contacted me about Willy Allison's Black Chip Training Seminar, taking place Sept 20-24 at UNLV in Las Vegas. They all want to know if this yet ANOTHER offshoot of Allison's World Game Protection Conference is worth the $500 entry fee.

My response to them, and to you if interested, is absolutely not. Allison's Black Chip Training is the same thing as his Surveillance Directors Academy, which is the same thing as his World Game Protection Conference: simply more smoke and mirrors and tired presentations on how you can protect your casinos from advantage players and cheats, of course using the same over and over again speakers to inform you.

If you've noticed, you have been absolutely barraged by Bill Zender, Allison's associate and business partner, during the past six months practically begging you to attend this seminar or that one, the latest being his everything-you-need-to-know-about-baccarat-cheats. I did not attend the seminar but have been told it detailed highly exaggerated accounts of baccarat cheating going on across the world and that will surely go on in your casino if you don't attend his seminars.

But, heck, I understand "Will and Bill" as they like to call themselves. They have to keep promoting the endless newness of the old scams to keep you coming to their conferences, seminars, and training sessions...speaking of which, I can't wait to see Allison's lineup for his next WGPC, especially the keynote speaker. We all know that Zender, Piacente and the rest of the "game protection consultants" will be there. But who will be the keynote speaker? Please, Willie, give us someone better than Kevin Mitnik, last year's WGPC keynote speaker who's an ex-computer hacker and knows absolutely nothing about casino game protection, be it high-tech or low-tech AND who had to come to me for help with his presentation.

And as for the Surveillance Directors Academy coming up in November, I'll answer your emails in advance: Forget that one too!