Friday, September 24, 2010

Hall of Fame Casino Cheat Busted at Caesars Palace!

Well, I have always said that when my inglorious road comes to an end, I want to be buried on the grounds of my favorite casino, Caesars Palace, from which my cheat-teams I took millions. For fellow Hall of Fame Casino Cheat Brent Eli Morris, he may be getting buried there right now...alive!

Morris, who probably holds the record for amount of times arrested and convicted for cheating casinos and who is also an inductee in Nevada's infamous Black Book of casino-excluded persons, was arrested on Wednesday by Nevada state Gaming Control Board agents while he was at a craps table at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Morris, whose cheating specialty over the years has been pastposting on craps tables, was not charged with an actual casino-cheat crime but rather with unlawfully entering a Nevada casino. Once you are listed in the state's Black Book you cannot legally enter a casino in Nevada, and if you do you are automatically charged with criminal trespassing.

Caesars Palace surveillance personnel first notified the Gaming Control Board Enforcement Division that a man who resembled Morris was playing craps at the rear of the casino. It was later determined that Morris had been doing the same on September 16 at the Excalibur casino. When taken into custody, Morris was in possession of numerous $500 casino chips from the Orleans casino, and it was determined that he'd been at their craps tables as well.

Morris is also on the New Jersey list of casino-excluded people. He has a long record of casino criminal convictions and has also been convicted of assault and battery, grand theft and fraud. He has spent 10 years in both Nevada and New Jersey prisons for cheating casinos.

My take: This guy has cheating in his blood and cannot help himself to stay out of casinos. If there ever was an addicted casino-cheat, Brent Eli Morris is it. I have no doubt that Morris had successfully cheated both the Orleans and Excalibur out of several thousand before he got nabbed at Caesars, where he was probably preparing more cheat-moves. The guy needs to get some good disguise work!

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