Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Was Online Poker Cheat Sorel Mizzi Cheated Out of $500,000 in Live Poker Home Game?

This would surprise me, as it is seldom that a supposed master cheat falls victim to any cheat scam within the realm of his own cheat expertise. However, I have heard that Sorel Mizzi, the online poker whiz who's been accused multiple times of multi-accounting and other poker online cheat scams and who's admitted to the former, was victim to a high class poker card-marking team posing as a group of European high-rollers to the tune of half a million bucks! Supposedly this happened in London, and in a top-shelf hotel room (reminscent of the Steve Forte poker scam at the Atlantic City Borgata).

If this actually happened to Mizzi, should we give him a pass on the latest online poker cheat accusations leveled at him? If you've missed it, he was accused only last week of several more online poker cheat violations concerning the rigging of multi-table tournaments, some of which revolve around what he's already admitted to: multiaccounting.

You know, maybe we can look at Mizzi as a victim gone bad, something like the main character on the TV series "Breaking Bad" who becomes a drug dealer after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in the aim of leaving his family financially stable when he's gone.

Or maybe we can't...Of course we can't! Whether or not Mizzi was cheated out of five hundred grand or not, he is still a cheating piece of...!