Monday, August 02, 2010

Low-Level Blackjack Cheats Continue Their Assault on Pennsylvania's New Casinos

Of course this is to be expected in any new casino area, but Pennsylvania, whose casinos opened up table games two weeks ago, is really getting hit by the riffraff of casino cheats. This is a far cry from the huge sums of money that cheats are siphoning off the new casinos in Singapore.

We've already heard about the bet-cappers and about the guy who ran away from the cage as he was about to be nabbed for passing $100 counterfeit chips of very poor quality. Now we're seeing the bet-pinchers, the guys who try to pinch back their losing chips before the dealer can sweep them into the table rack. Over the weekend, a twenty-eight year-old man named Thomas Albright bet $15, three red $5 chips on a hand of blackjack. He lost the hand and then attempted to remove one of the $5 chips from his bet, thus trying to save $5 on the hand. The dealer caught him on his first attempt, and naturally, like all rookie casinos do, the pit supervisor ran right to the videotape. Surveillance confirmed the pinch-action, then security read Albright the riot act...but with a twist. Instead of being barred permanently from the casino, he was ordered not to return for thirty days.

My take: Why didn't Albright try to pinch back two $5 chips instead of one...or why not the whole $15 bet? LOL