Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Easy is it for Dealers to Pull off False Shuffle Casino Cheat Scams?

Anyone who follows the news of brick and mortar casino cheating surely knows of the proliferation of false shuffle scams that have been victimizing casino baccarat and blackjack tables the past several years. Heck, I knew about false-shuffle scams thirty years ago when I performed one as a mini-baccarat dealer at the Four Queens casino in downtown Las Vegas. But most of these scams have been going down on baccarat tables in Macau, even though the most notorious false shuffle cheating scam happened in the United States and Canada, engulfing dozens of casinos whose dealers were recruited by the Vietnamese card-cheating syndicate known as the Tran Organization. To read about the mechanics of a false shuffle scam click here. easy is it for casino dealers to perform a false-shuffle? It is very easy, which is one of the primary reasons why casino cheat groups look to recruit these dealers for the scams. In fact, an average dealer can learn to false shuffle a deck in a single day. Then with a week or two of practice he can be made ready to perform the task on his table in the casino. Of course it takes more to do it than the physical skills. A dealer has to want to cheat his casino (risking his job and prosecution)and have the balls to do it.

Can Surveillance pick up on a dealer false-shuffling?

Usually they can while reviewing the tapes. But they need corroborating evidence to make a case against a dealer and his or her cheating partners at the table. There has to be a conspiracy charge to prove that the dealer was false-shuffling with the aim that players at the table would win by having advance knowledge of how the false-shuffled cards would come out of the shoe.