Monday, June 28, 2010

Gambling 911 Pushing Poker Cheat Video DVDs

There have been too many poker cheating and anti-poker cheating DVDs offered online for years now, but evidently Gambling 911, a highly-viewed and even higher-glamorized gambling information website, doesn't think so. It is now pushing a series of poker-cheat DVDs claiming to thoroughly educate you on everything from false dealing, false shuffles, card-peeking, card-switching, card-marking, card-bending, card-control while shuffling to culling discards (what the heck is that? LOL), card-crimping, card-palming, cold-decking, false cuts, card-daubing (another form of card-marking), how to nullify cuts, holding out cards, etc, etc.

Is there anything new or worthwhile to see on these DVDs (which I have seen)? Well, I guess if you haven't seen any of the others, which is unlikely, then you might want to take a look at these. But remember, practically all the cheat methods you see on these DVDs are only feasible in home poker games, where cheating is of course much easier and much less seriuos for those getting caught at it---unless, of course, the accused ends up getting injured or killed, which was the case recently in Chicago.

Gambling 911 is also pushing the same sort of DVDs on blackjack cheating, also which are not that useful in casinos.