Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are You a Banned Facebook Texas Hold'em Poker Cheat? Read This!


The explosive growth of online social gaming in the last few years has lead to the meteoric rise of popular games like Facebook Texas Holdem Poker on social networks like Facebook and Myspace where players join their friends to play in tournaments and sit and go games. As with any other type of online game, arguments and misunderstandings that result in heated attitudes and inappropriate words at the tables are certain to spill over into this realm as well. Quite often this may end up in a player's account getting banned from the game or their zynga poker chips becoming frozen or totally reset. Since facebook poker participants regularly spend hours and hours playing and competing with each other to win facebook poker chips, nobody likes it when they log into their account one day only to find that they've been banned for inappropriate conduct. But fear not, you don't have to punch your computer or huff and pout and kick the cat though, there are simple steps you can take to restore your account and get back to playing with your facebook poker chips.

Because there a wide range of facebook texas holdem applications from several different game makers and developers, you need to find your way to the applicable game developers website that allows you to get in touch with the right administrators in charge of suspending and unbanning accounts. Competitors in Zynga's Poker application will have to pay a visit to Zynga's homepage, online players in Playdom's Poker Palace need to take a look at Playdom's page, and participants of Playfish's Poker Rivals application must stop by Playfish's home page so they can ensure that the correct administrators are receiving their emails and support tickets.

As soon as you choose the correct site for the application designer, find the corresponding "Support" section of their website. That's where they post replies to commonly asked queries, document notices about game glitches and updates, and allow users with game issues to contact them. Sometimes getting your account back is as easy as filling out a ticket and waiting a few days, other times it may involve investigating the reason you were suspended in the first place and you might end up waiting a week or longer, but it's best to get the process rolling as soon as possible.

And what can you do to prevent it from happening again? Players in these online games can have their facebook poker chips frozen for a variety of reasons. They might have their facebook chips frozen for swearing too much in the chat window, racist remarks, colluding with other players to user poker cheats, or using offensive pictures in their profiles. The programmers count on a system of reports where they are able to evaluate a gamer's bad behavior in the game depending on the number of other players that report them. This enables them to observe everyone in the game without being in every single room of the game at all times of the day.

Whether your facebook poker chips are given back to a player is dependent upon the severity of that players individual infractions. Sometimes a player who dropped a few stray swear words in the game will get their chips back by agreeing to improve their behavior once they're notified of what rules they broke. Many times players simply aren't aware that they violated the rules or crossed the line and so most game developers are willing to give them a second chance once they're made aware of what they did wrong.

Other sorts of violations might not be pardoned so readily or may well hold a longer penalty. For example, your zynga poker chips may remain banned for a few weeks or in some instances only a portion of your chips may be refunded to you as punishment. You can of course, appeal this and ask that the complete sum be refunded, but if you really misbehaved in the game then the odds of this happening are quite slim. Whichever you choose to do, it's generally best to write them an email quickly after you discover that your facebook or myspace poker account has become frozen. The sooner you fill out a support ticket, the earlier your issue will be checked and the sooner you can get back to playing facebook poker with your friends and family. Best of luck!