Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Robert Andersson, One of Online Poker's Biggest Cheat Scam Artists, Gets 8 Years in Swedish Prison For Drug-Dealing!

Okay, as we learned from Frank W. Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio) in the scam-artist movie "Catch Me if You Can," Swedish prison cells are more like cozy college dormitory rooms, but nevertheless they are still prisons, and for the next eight years 22 year-old highly-detested online poker cheat scam-artist Robert Andersson will be making his home in one.

Andersson, a well-known poker player/cheater who is Swedish, is more notorious for outright stealing fellow online players' money than actually cheating in online poker games via bots, collusion or any of the other known online cheating methods. His MO is simply "borrowing" money from other players by chatting them up with fancy stories involving funding for online poker tournaments, and he has also been accused of actually breaking into players' online poker accounts and emptying them of funds. He is also known on the European Poker Tour, where he's had very limited success.

But now he's headed upriver (if you want to call a Swedish prison that) for smuggling methedrone, a drug much like ecstasy, into Sweden from England and other European countries. For those who have been scammed online by Andersson, this is at least some poetic justice even though his victims will never recover their money.

Andersson first became cheat/scam noteworthy online when an American online poker-player/cheat-victim posted his tale of getting scammed out of 30 grand by Andersson on 2+2 in 2008. I read the post and I believe it is the longest post in the history of online poker forums; it is several pages long and explains how Andersson wiped out his entire poker bankroll, both online and off, through a series of loans that Andersson never paid back. Of course there was some stupidity on this American poker player's part for repeatedly loaning Andersson money, but Andersson is quite good and suckered his victim into chasing lost money with more money in the hope of getting Andersson to pay back.

Evidently, this Andersson character is a real scumbag and he was actually convicted on the testimony of "friends." As no drugs were found on Andersson when he was arrested, this testimoney added to mountains of circumstantial evidence was very strong, as victim testimony always is.

Well, since Swedish prisons are almost like hotels, Andersson will surely not suffer and he probably will take advantage of prison poker games to cheat some more. And since he will no doubt have a computer with Internet access in his "cell", what's to stop him from continuing his online poker cheat scams?

Believe me...nothing!