Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Not All in the Hands, My Boy!

What makes a good roulette mechanic? Well, of course he (or she) has to have good hands that can smoothly handle the chips for a pastposting move, but that's only part of it. In addition to the hands, he (or she) has got to have balls! He, iron ones...she, think of the adjective for them! Then of course, he or she has got to have brains. The roulette mechanic has to be able to read pit situations and see if someone on the casino staff, including the dealer, might be on to him or her at the last second before it's time to switch the chips. You know, like Kenny Rogers used to sing..."gotta know when to move 'em...gotta know when to not..." or something like that.

Now that you know just what it takes to be a good roulette mechanic, you're probably wondering why I went out of my way with the "or shes" in describing roulette mechanics. Are there many female roulette mechanics out there cheating casinos? Well, I never knew one...but since I don't want any backlash from women's groups who might say I am bigoted for insinuating that all roulette mechanics are men, I decided to write the possibility that female roulette mechanics do exist.

And let me mention, if you haven't read it in my book "American Roulette," some of the best overall casino cheats in history were women. Check some of them out on my Casino Cheats Hall of Fame page.