Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Breed of Casino Cheats

What is the major difference between casino cheats of today and casino cheats of yesteryear? Well, lets look at that comparison on several different planes. First, appearance: Whereas casino cheats of the last several decades of the twentieth century took on the look of ragged cowboys, good ol' boys and even bums, today's cheats dress and look as sophisticated as top-of-the-line Wall Street scammers and other financial con and scam artists. The new casino-cheats' look is business and leisure suits, dependng on casino location and time of day.

Intelligence: In this regard, today's casino cheats are definitely more intelligent, and they need to be as modern casino scams usually comprise the words "computer", "digital" and "laser." But don't mistake intelligence for "smart", especially "street smart" or "casino smart". Yesteryear's casino cheats certainly were smarter than today's gizmo cheats when it comes to recognizing heat inside casinos and protecting their asses. They were able to smell undercover gaming agents at a hundred feet!

Balls: Well, here I'd have to call it a draw between past and modern casino cheats. Not being able to hide from detection the way online casino and poker cheats do (I think the online cheats are scumbags), both the modern casino cheats and the old-timer cheats put their asses on the line underneath the surveillance eyes of the casinos they're cheating. The old-timers had to deal with surveillance guys looking down on them from one-way mirror catwalks, while today's guys have to ply their trade under the omnipresent phalanx of high-performance video cameras.

Where did my casino-cheat team fit in? Appearance and dresswise we were closer to the old-time casino cheats when we worked during the '70s and '80s, and in the '90s we donned the classier tone of today's casino cheats, especially when travelling to the ritzy casinos of Europe. As far as smarts and intelligence go, I have to say...well, you know...I'll just say that my record speaks for itself!