Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Isildur1 Back Playing Full Tilt After Online Poker Cheat Scandal!

Source: 4flush.com

There have been possible sightings at Absolute Poker, and he’s been seen at some lower stakes here and there. But his brief appearance yesterday, and his much more exciting re-debut today, Isildur1 has been harder to track down than Elvis and 2pac since he got bitch-slapped by the card player fellow’s.

Since he’s been gone, we at 4flush have been forced to do some crazy things, like call an earthquake a hurricane, misquote some very dull drama, and throw crumpled up balls around the news room to amuse ourselves.

Isildur1 was spotted by playing a wicked stretch at Full Tilt Poker where he met up with LuvtheWNBA (who‘s bankroll he lightened by about 120k.), also known as Isaac Haxton, and Justin Bonomo known as Zeejustin when he’s playing poker online. Isildur was down to Haxton early on but he picked it up, before moving on to accept a game with ZeeJustin,

Zeejustin lost $550k to isildur1 in one hand. Amazing.

Good news for Bonomo though, according to High Stakes News, a buddy had a piece of his action, cutting his laws. After dumping 550k + at tables, ZeeJustins backer, backed out. He told Isildur1 he could continue playing, but he’d half to drop down to the $100/$200 tables, Isildur1 passed, claiming he was to tired for that, and the two bid each other good night.

In all seriousness though, the question we’re all dying to see answered is this: Will Isildur1 face Brian Hastings (and team) again? According to High Stakes Poker News, the Swedish poker player’s bankroll should be right around a million bucks right now.