Sunday, February 28, 2010

Casino Swim-up Tables For the Taking!/Bubble-Bluffing

I recieved a humourous e-mail this weekend from a would-be casino cheat. He revealed to me that he really doesn´t have the balls to try cheat moves with all those surveillance cameras jutting out of casino ceilings, but he said he'd heard about blackjack tables in swimming pools at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as well as at other casinos. He said that there, inside the swimming pool, he'd gladly take a shot cheating the casino, not having to worry about surveillance cameras in a swimming pool because there weren't any.

LOL! Boy did I get a laugh outta that! I wrote him back explaining that the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino swim-up blackjack tables are indeed actually inside the pool but are housed inside a mini-island on which is built a gazebo-like structure that has the same old casino video cameras on its ceilings. The only difference between cheating inside the casino and outside in the pool, I told him, is that if you fuck up outside, there's always the chance you might end up drowning in the pool!

Another e-mail asked me a more intelligent question: Do all casinos really film every table and slot machine 24/7 continuously?

The answer to that is no, but I can't tell you which ones do and don't. Certainly almost all casinos give the appearance that they are capable of filming every inch of casino floor every second with all those bubbles above you everywhere, but some casinos are certainly bluffing in certain places. Trying to cut costs of operating the digital equipment (or in some cases not-digital equipment), casinos might be depending on the naked black bubble alone to curb the cheating by making cheats afraid they are constantly being filmed. I would say that in major gambling areas like Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Macau, it would be extremely rare that a functional camera is not operating inside the bubble, but in secondary casino areas, places like Eaatern Europe and South America, there may be some bubble-bluffing going on.

My advice: Just come up with a move to beat the cameras like I did with Savannah. Then you don't have to worry about cameras catching you cheat!