Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Online Casino Scams

When you read those words, what do you think of...online players cheating casinos or online casinos cheating players? Well, first of all, there is a tremendous difference in strength and significance between the words online casino scam and online poker scams. Of course, they both refer to cheating at gambling online, but online casino scams are nearly always referring to online scams perpetrated by the casinos, and most of these nowadays are nothing more than online casinos slow to pay out or disappearing off the net with the cash in depositers' accounts.

Online poker cheating scams is a much more expansive subject, and contrary to online casino cheating scams, they are almost always perpetrated by players logging onto the online poker sites who have the intention to cheat you. I'm talking about collusion, bots, superuser, multi-accounting and all the other online poker scams you have and haven't heard of. In any case, to keep yourself better informed about cheating in online poker and casinos on the Internet, stick to your searches of poker and online poker cheating.