Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alleged Poker Cheat Killed Over Cheating Scam that Netted 50 Cents!

Source Jerry Lawton

A MAN was killed in a cheating row over a pub poker game with just 30p at stake. The card game turned nasty when Lee Baranyai, 20, accused Geoff Hunt, 50, of not playing by the rules. He threw a pack of cards at his chest then stormed out, Sheffield Crown Court heard. Prosecutor William Lowe said when Mr Hunt later left, Baranyai sprang out from behind a fence and hit him so hard he fell backwards unconscious. Baranyai rifled through his pockets, taking his keys and cash. As he ran away laughing, Mr Hunt, of Barnsley, South Yorks, crawled 25 yards to his front door where he died. His body was not found for three days.

When a friend of Baranyai’s heard about the killing he asked why he had done it. He received a text from the defendant saying he did not know because he was drunk. Baranyai, of Barnsley, was jailed for six years and nine months after pleading guilty to manslaughter. Adrian Waterman, defending, said his client was immature (I'll say!)and “indulged in robbery’’ but he did not intend to kill.