Friday, September 18, 2009

Eight New Indictments in Tran Organization False Shuffle Baccarat Cheat Scam

Can't say this is a surprise as it seems the whole Western Peninsula was involved in this cheat scam!

A federal grand jury in San Diego has indicted an additional eight defendants for conspiracy to cheat a total of 11 casinos across the country, Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division Lanny A. Breuer and U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California Karen P. Hewitt announced today.

A one-count indictment, handed up in the Southern District of California on Sept. 1, 2009, and unsealed on Sept. 15, 2009, charges seven defendants each with one count of conspiracy to commit several offenses against the United States, including conspiracy to steal money and other property from Indian tribal casinos, and conspiracy to travel in interstate and foreign commerce in aid of racketeering. Defendants charged in this indictment include Jason Cavin, Connie Marie Holmes, Brandon Pete Landry, Nedra Fay Landry, Geraldo Montaz, Jesus Rodriguez and Mike Waseleski.

For the total lowdown on this scam, search "False Shuffle Baccarat Scam" on this blog.

Nevada Slot Cheat Case Headed For Trial!

In what appears to be a serious slot-cheating case, three alleged slot cheaps are one step closer to going to trial. William Cushing, Michael McNeive and Susan Lewanda are accused of possessing a cheating device, conspiracy to cheat at gambling and use of a cheating device in a slot machine. The trio allegedly used the scam at several Las Vegas casinos, including Boulder Station and Fiesta Rancho, in 2006.

At a Thursday morning, District Court Judge Douglas Herndon said a trial date will be scheduled after the next status check and evidentiary hearing, which is set for Sept. 29. Police reports indicate surveillance videos show Cushing and Lewanda would stand watch at slot machines while McNeive inserted $1 bills and forged them as $100 bills using the cheating device.

Cushing and McNeive are in Nevada's List of Excluded Persons, otherwise known as the Black Book, and are barred from the state's casinos. According to Gaming Control Board records, Cushing, 57, was first arrested in 1984 and has been arrested numerous times for gaming crimes in Nevada and other states. McNeive, 68, was first arrested by the Nevada Gaming Control Board in 1996 and has been arrested for gaming-related crimes, including cheating slot machines, numerous times.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Casino and Poker Cheats Lab 101

Developing That Great Casino Cheat and Poker Cheat Move in the Lab!

What are the components of an effective poker or casino cheating move? There are four basic elements that determine the feasibility and effectiveness of all brick and mortar casino and poker cheat moves. The first is the mechanics of the move, mainly whether it can be physically done and with a relative amount of ease. Since poker and casino cheating moves have really little to do with sleight of hand, the physical mechanics of cheat moves comes down to the skill and dexterity of normally capable people. An example of a difficult move would be picking up the dolly on a roulette game and slipping chips underneath it after the dealer has placed it on the winning number. Although distractions might be used to take the dealer’s eyes off the layout, it is important to distinguish the difference between these diversionary tactics and sleight of hand, which this is not. An example of an easier physical move would be the blackjack pastpost described here.

The second important factor in designing a poker cheat or casino cheat move is the exposure it takes. As in any physical crime, the longer you are committing it, the worse it is. Most casino cheat scams get busted because their perpetrators are on the tables doing it for too long a time. All the cheat moves during my cheating career were done in a split-second. I never took much exposure, giving the casino little or no time to set me up. When you hear about card-marking scams and digital camera scams in casinos getting busted, surveillance was on to them and therefore had the chance to film them and set the cheats up for the bust. So the best poker and casino cheat scams are the ones that happen quickly and limit the cheats’ time in the casino.

The third important factor is being able to conceal the move as much as possible. This does not mean physically hiding it. That part is covered in the mechanics of the move. Here I am talking about concealing the move after it has been successfully done in the poker room or casino. After you do the move and get paid, you still don’t want the casino to figure out what happened, mainly because you want to keep doing the same successful move at other tables in the casino and at other casinos. Good moves will have psychology built into them, such as setting the casino up for the kill and making them forget about it after they’re dead. This way when the cheat makes his claim to get paid on a move, the casino already believes he is a high roller and pays off. Part of this facet is to also play at the table after the move went down, further camouflaging the move and reducing the casino’s chances of catching on to you.

The last important factor is the longevity of a cheat move. Good ones will last for a while. For instance, my blackjack pastpost move produced big money in the world’s casinos for thirty years, and is still going strong. Unless your move makes huge money in a one-shot deal, it won’t be worth developing it if it doesn’t last.
With all this in mind, I would say my Savannah casino roulette cheat move would be as close to the perfect move as possible. It was physically easy to do, took only a split-second, actually concealed and camouflaged itself, and lasted as long as I wanted it to. To this day, casinos cannot stop it.

Oh!... One thing I forgot to mention that is necessary to all successful casino and poker cheat moves...You need the balls to do them! THEY are not developed in the casino cheating lab!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poker Cheat Bots Hit Pitbull Poker and Others!

Pitbull Poker, which has already seen a significant traffic decline due to an alleged superuser account scandal that its operators don't seem to be responding to, is again in the online poker cheating news with fresh allegations of widespread bot play on the site. According to information I'm receiving, bot play seems to go undetected for much longer periods of time than on most other online poker sites. This also has been noted BEFORE the super user account cheating scam broke at Pitbull Poker. As for the quality and effectiveness of the bots being used in Pitbull Poker games, I cannot say much, but overall, I figure that the majority of these bots are not that effective, and they alone should not be a reason to avoid the site.

Overall cheating bot play is on the rise throughout online poker, but again, I must stress that the high quality artificial intelligence bots are not out there in alarming numbers. However, if you do come up against them, you might be paying them off as they are good enough to beat most online players.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Connecticut Inside Dealer Casino Cheat Scam! This Time it's Pai Gow Cheating at the Mohegan Sun!

This is just unbelievable!...One inside dealer casino cheating scam after another in Connecticut's two big casinos. Soon on the dealer job applications, one of the questions is going to be: How much cheating experience do you have? Or maybe: Are you capable of false-shuffling a deck of cards? Why are these two casinos constantly being cheated by their dealers?

Ever wonder what goes on in a pai gow game with all those funny looking tiles and the dice cup? Ever say to yourself that a Chinese dealer would have an easy time cheating his or her pai gow game when supervisors in the pit don't really understand the nature of the Chinese gambling game? Well, evidently, one Chinese dealer and her Chinese cohort figured as much. Only trouble is they got caught.

Police arrested a Norwich woman who works as a table games dealer at Mohegan Sun on Saturday after surveillance picked up what appeared to be a cheating scam. Peggy Lin, 40, was charged with cheating while lawfully gambling, third-degree larceny and third-degree conspiracy to commit larceny. Police said surveillance at the Earth Casino saw Lin manipulate a deal of a pai gow tile game so that another player could win the hand. The person who won, Bi De Zhen, 43, was also charged with cheating while lawfully gambling, third-degree larceny and third-degree conspiracy to commit larceny. Both were arrested without incident and released. They are scheduled to appear Oct. 1 in Norwich Superior Court.

The arrest comes one month after a former Mohegan Sun craps dealer pleaded guilty to charges he took an $800 payoff for accepting late bets at his table from a convicted cheater. Johnnie Baker, 38, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree larceny and received a fully suspended sentence. Police said Baker accepted money from Richard “Mr. Casino” Taylor in exchange for paying Taylor $11,500 for four late bets in 2008. Baker was one of a dozen former casino employees, the only one from Mohegan Sun, charged in connection with Taylor’s craps cheating scam.