Saturday, June 27, 2009

Online Bots Poker Cheating Update

If you're wondering what is going on in the online poker cheating bot world these days, here is the latest trend information I have on online players cheating with bots:

Bot cheating is still on the rise. It hasn't been getting the press the past two years that it once had, but that's mainly because reporting on the online poker cheating world has been dominated by the huge insider hole-card-reading scandals and financial and banking problems online poker sites are having with the United States Justice Department. Highly skilled computer people are continually out there designing and putting bots into play. The ones with artificial intelligence will certainly beat the majority of human players, though there are not too many of these around. They are very expensive and writers of these highly sophisticated cheat programs are keeping them amongst themselves and cheating online poker with their creations.

I suspect we may hear more about this online toward the end of this year and into next. As far as which sites are hosting the most bots or are vulnerable to them, the best is to check with my online poker safety rankings, which heavily takes bot play into consideration.

Indian Casino Indicted For Cheating!!!

Wait! Don't get too excited reading this. I mean an Indian casino in India, not a reservation casino in the US. However, this is the first time in twenty years I've heard about any legitimate casino getting indicted for cheating. It happened in Goa, India...

Goa police’s crime branch on Friday registered case against a five star hotel’s casino management for failing to cough up Rs 1.25 crore to state tourism minister Fransisco Pacheco which he had won in gaming. The Crime Branch which is probing the case has filed first information report against staff and management of the in-house casino of Majorda Beach resort under section 420 read with 34 of Indian Penal Code.

The minister earlier had complained to the state police accusing the casino management of duping him to the tune of Rs 1.25 crore. The casino management, on the other hand, had alleged that the minister along with his aide had threatened to kill him. (Wow! This might make a good Bollywood movie!)

The state government had transferred the case to Crime branch, which is now investigating it. The FIR filed with the Crime Branch implicates that the accused persons who are staff and management of the in house casino at Majorda beach resort had fraudulently and dishonestly induced the complainant to play in the casino.

The minister had complained that he had won Rs 1.53 crore during his gaming from May 15 to May 22, 2009. He informed the police that the casino management had repaid him Rs 28 lakh. “They induced the complainant to purchase gaming coins with the promise to repay the prize money if the complainant wins,” the crime branch’s FIR reads.

Police Inspector S U Shirodkar, who is investigating the case, has said that the accused persons dishonestly failed to make available the payment of Rs 1.25 crore to the complainant, which he won as a prize money.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Online Poker Cheating Via Seeing Your Opponents Hole Cards

Ever since the Hole Card Online Poker Cheat Scam at UltimateBet broke, we've been seeing poker and casino cheating websites pitching software that you can put on your computer and see your opponents' hole cards and therefore cheat their pants off.

But the reality of this is that if you buy any of this so-called hole card online poker cheating software, you will be cheating your own pants off. This is because all this mass-market online poker cheating software for sale is a BIG SCAM designed to rip you off. I am not saying that "outside" online poker cheating software to see your opponents' hole cards does not exist (it does). I am only telling you, or better yet, warning you, that you are not going to find it online by searching "online poker cheating" or "online poker cheating software." Don't be fooled that the sites offering this stuff for sale are very highly ranked by Google for these types of searches. The reason they are is that they convince enough suckers to buy their poker cheat software and then refunnel some of their profits into search engine optimization.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Online Poker Cheat Headed To 2009 WSOP Main Event!

Move over Russ Hamilton! One of your online poker cheating peers is going to join you at the main event! His name is Dan Martin, known to online poker players as "Wretchy." Wretchy received a three month ban from the world’s biggest online poker site, Pokerstars, when he was caught playing poker under two names, in addition to playing poker in the same tournaments as his girlfriends.

Martin has admitted to most of these allegations, but attests that this level of cheating in online poker is the equivalent to smoking weed. He said about cheating in online poker: "Everybody does it, everybody knows it, it’s against the rules, and everyone knows that too, but nobody cares. I don't understand what I need to apologize for. I feel that having a cash game account is sort of the same thing as smoking weed. Everyone knows that it's illegal and yet it's a common thing.

According to online poker news reports the poker player was banned by PokerStars for a period of three months, ending on August 6th. In addition to the punishment handed down by PokerStars, Wretchy’s girlfriend will no longer be able to play at the same poker tables as him. Wretchy received similar bans from Full Tilt Poker, where he was banned for a period of thirty days, more a statement than an actual punishment some say.

Wretchy’s girlfriend received no punishment from Full Tilt. Wretchy said he’s off to play in the 2009 World Series of Poker, where he’ll have a little more time to focus on the Main Event. However, Wretchy should be able to play on both Full Tilt Poker and Ultimate Bet during this year’s WSOP.

"Both sites concluded this," Martin said. "That I played under WhatsLogic for an ample time period (6-9 months) but that I did not ever play both accounts that were in a tournament. The hand histories proved this because the style of play was completely different. They also concluded that I used WhatsLogic for cash games, but I do not know a pro that’s backed who doesn't have a separate name for cash games, but it's still against the TOS."

The poker community seems torn about Martin. There are those that wish him well, and can’t wait to see Wretchy get this behind him. Others demand an apology, no matter how hollow. They have labeled Wretchy a poker cheat and wish him all the worst.

Small Cheat Controversies Popping Up at WSOP

There are always arguments here and there between tournament players at the WSOP, but seldom does one player accuse another of cheating at the poker table. Yesterday at table 77 during the Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Event 46, a shouting match ensued when Fabio Coppola insisted he should have won the low half of the pot that was awarded to John Juanda. With four cards on the board Juanda had two pair with a bad low but was awarded the pot when Coppola mucked his cards. Coppola insisted he had Ace-deuce which would have given him the low and that half the pot was his.

The dealer, Juanda and most of the table argued that it did not matter what Coppola may have had in his hands, when he did not show his cards his hand was dead. Coppola refused to concede and the floor was called. “It’s real simple,” the floorman told Coppola. “If you don’t table your cards, you don’t have a live hand. You must table your cards. The whole pot goes to John.”

When moved to table 80 Coppola accused the dealer of cold-decking him. “It’s obvious you’re setting me up. I haven’t won a hand since you sat down,” he yelled. The dealer insisted he was not cold-decking or cheating in any other way but it was not enough. Coppola soon started mucking every hand dealt to him and did not let up until a new dealer took a seat at the table.

Later at table 72, the issue of tabling hands came up again. A player claimed he was entitled to half the pot, but the dealer insisted the hand was dead because the player did not table the cards. The floor was again called and this time took to reviewing the tapes to determine if the player had tabled the cards. In the end the floor ruled the cards had not been tabled and the hand was dead. Like Coppola, the player was not awarded half the pot he claimed to have won.

Russian Online Poker Cheat Mobs Screwing Around With Wimbledon Again?

There have been a handful of tennis betting scandals over the last few years and each of them had connections to certain Russian gamblers and gangsters with ties to Online Poker Cheating Scandals. The Russian cheats, who have also become the dominant force in worldwide brick and mortar poker cheating, may again be mixed up in the lastest Wimbledon tennis betting scandal that came to light yesterday.

Tennis authorities have launched an inquiry into insider trading after suspicious betting on a minor first-round match at Wimbledon that drew more than $1.5 million in wagers from online gamblers.

The Tennis Integrity Unit, an anti-corruption group set up by the international tennis authorities, was tipped off yesterday over "concerns" about a Wimbledon match involving J├╝rgen Melzer, an Austrian ranked No 30 in the world, and Wayne Odesnik, a South African-born American ranked 109. Melzer was the clear favourite to win, but bookies were alerted by the strength of betting on a proposition bet of a straight set victory. Melzer eventually won 6-1, 6-4, 6-2.

Betfair, the internet betting site, reported that around $1 million was bet before the match started, with another $600,000 flooding in during play, the vast majority of wagers on Melzer. Ladbrokes and Paddy Power were among High-Street bookies who suspended betting before the match, as did many online operators.

The Integrity Unit will focus on whether gamblers were privy to any insider information. Odesnik had suffered a minor muscle injury on Monday, although the player insisted that he was fit and well and that he had not told anyone of his injury, nor had he been approached by a potential match-fixer. But on Betfair alone, $500,000 was bet on a straight-set Melzer victory with odds falling as short as 1-9. This was a low profile match between relatively unknown players on an outside court with little public interest that would normally attract about $15,000 worth of bets.

News of the inquiry at the All England Championships came after UK newspapers revealed that the Tennis Integrity Unit was already investigating a match played in a pre-Wimbledon tournament involving Daniel Kollerer and Oscar Hernandez. Betting on the match was voided after bookies spotted suspicious betting patterns.

Hernandez crashed out of Wimbledon Tuesday, losing 6-0, 6-0, 6-4 to Argentinia's Leonardo Mayer. The Spaniard was clearly unhappy and refused to speak to reporters afterwards.

I will tell you one thing: The Russian online poker cheats are getting their dirty hands into everything!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poker Cheat Card Swappers Increasing Ranks!

I have been tracking brick and mortar poker cheating across the world very seriously the past few months and I can now report that the fastest growing area of live poker cheating is that of professional poker card-swapping cheat teams. There have been a few busts during this month, notably the one occurring in London, England at the Empire Casino's poker room. However, there are many teams flourishing out there and very few getting caught. Poker card swapping is a very fine art and takes talent and nerve for the cheats to pull it off. What I can tell you is that the majority of these card swapping poker cheat teams are Russian and Serbian, some also coming from Hungary. Most of them do not speak fluent English, so watch out for Russian language in and around games as well as poker players speaking English with a Russian accent. If you come across any of these types who seem suspicious, they may indeed be part of a poker cheat card-swap team.


Monday, June 22, 2009

World Series of Poker Cheating Tips

Everyone in his right mind ought to be concerned about poker cheats reigning at the 2009 WSOP, especially those playing in the poker tournaments. So how can you spot poker cheats at work at the WSOP? I ran across these cheat tips from Poker Player magazine, and their right on, so have a look.

What do you need to look for in poker tournaments when you suspect someone of cheating? Familiarity with other players is a good first hint. If two players are often making conversation, eye contact, studying chip placements on cards, marking cards, or having overly interest in a rail observer, you should take note.

Let’s look at these signs of deception a little closer.

Chip placements on hole cards are a common signaling tool. An example might be four chips side by side with one chip on top, forming a pyramid, which would represent J-10, five chips with one chip on top would be 9-10 and so on. Easier chip formations to figure out are two chips side by side on top of the hole cards signaling A-A, two chips on top of each other and stacked side by side signals K-K and so on.

Certainly memorization becomes the key to signaling, but if that doesn’t get the attention of your coconspirator, then ordering food or drink can become a useful tool to the cheater. Word association is probably the most deceptive tool cheaters can use simply because general conversation won’t be suspect. Calling the cocktail waitress over seems innocent enough, but if the player is ordering a different beer or drink every time he orders, maybe he’s getting more than a drink. How about suggesting what one might order to eat? A hamburger sounds good, signaling A-Q, but maybe a hotdog might be better, signaling A-K.

Moving chips from table to table is a very risky move, yet the more practiced professional cheaters have become chip magicians and can often palm chips and hand them off on breaks. Chip dumping also occurs to move the highest stack in the team closer to the money. This is essential when teams of cheaters are playing in the same tournament. The player with the largest chip stack is most likely to make the money and the final table becomes the team’s target. They will do everything in their power to get chips to that player so that they all will share in the profit in the end.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Russian Poker Machine Cheats Caught Cheating Aussie Pokies!

This is a pretty clever poker machine scam, and Australia was probably the right place to do it as poker and casino cheating penalties there are pretty lenient when you get caught. Unfortunately for these two guys, they got caught cheating the poker machines a little quicker than they would have liked!

An Oak Flats man who stole more than $5000 in a statewide poker machine scam narrowly avoided jail during his sentencing in Wollongong Local Court yesterday.
Stevce Gorgijovski, 29, and co-accused Nick Petrovski, 25, of Lake Heights, managed to accumulate $5690 by tilting poker machines in such a way that they paid out cash without losing the credits accumulated on the screen. The pair carried out their supposed foolproof plan at several clubs in regional NSW over a three-month period last year.

On September 11, they were given a $950 payout at Macksville Ex-Services Club. An audit at the club revealed the discrepancy and the pair was identified from CCTV footage. On November 28, Petrovski and Gorgijovski pulled the same scam at Catalina Country Club, in Batemans Bay. Petrovski pushed the machine to an angle and an object was placed under it. During the course of the evening, the pair received four payouts from the club totalling $2181.90.

Petrovski was also charged over a similar scam netting $2550 at Cooma Ex-Services Club on November 28 and at Merimbula-Imlay Bowling Club on December 11, where he accumulated $869 before a staff member noticed him acting suspiciously and he fled the club empty-handed. Gorgijovski was charged over a separate incident at Grafton District Services Club on October 4, where he stole $2200.

Both men pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining money in connection with a gaming machine and interfering with a machine's operation. Magistrate Ian Guy suspended Gorgijovski's sentence of nine months' jail on a good behaviour condition. Petrovski was ordered to serve 100 hours' community service.