Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Real Human Online Casino And Poker Dealers To Help Stop Cheating! Yes, You Read This Correctly!

Live online casino dealers are now showing up in Online Casinos. Can this possibly stop the cheating? I doubt it!

A new revolution in online gaming began in 2008 and is sure to continue over 2009-–the processes of using live dealers and real cards in an online casino.

One thing that has meant online gaming has not exploded to its full potential is peoples’ natural paranoia – they do not feel they can trust the randomly-generated cards of an online casino, despite it being a far more random shuffle than anything a real dealer could achieve.

Even though independent checks and reasoned logic mean that the majority of online gambling sites will not be cheating their customers, many people still feel nervous. This is why live video feeds of dealers cutting, shuffling and dealing cards make people feel safer about gambling online.

The exhibition at ICE London recently showed that many online casinos have developed and improved upon live dealer software. This time next year, it could be the norm.