Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Pitbull Poker Traffic Tumbling In Wake of Online Cheat Allegations

The Pitbull Poker cheating scam is taking its toll on the Flash Network poker room. It's administrators continue to evade the issue and are not accepting various offers by forums and poker websites to reassure the public via interviews. This prolonged silence can only be interpreted one way: online poker cheating is rocking their boat!

Online poker traffic monitor, shows a drop in their player numbers over the past six months with a steep decrease over the last month. The weekly average for real money ring players now stands at only 33 players.

Many players are reporting cash-out problems from Pitbull Poker. The maximum cash out has been set to $1000 over 7 days by Pitbull management. The fear now is that this scandal will escalate to online players losing their money in Pitbull Poker accounts.

Pitbull Poker is falling in the pits!