Saturday, August 08, 2009

More From Pitbull Poker's Brenes On Online Cheats Accusations

Pitbull Poker has been getting blasted on the poker forums on cheat issues the last few weeks. Everything from superuser accounts to shaving chip stacks has been alleged to be happening on what some people are now calling the number-one online poker cheat site. Moreover, it seems the site has been refusing to provide hand histories to those players suspecting the cheating.

However, Dave Brenes, the bigwig at Pitbull Poker has issued this statement:

"We were accused by a player with the screen name FluffyChester on the 2+2 forums that he suspected we had a super user account, even though FluffyChester never disputed a hand he felt cheated on. He requested a downloadable format of his hand history, although he could view his previous hand histories by hand number or date range through the website. Our poker system was developed in flash and we did not have a download feature for hand histories. On Monday August 3rd, 2009, we provided FluffyChester with the last 1,000 hands that he played on Pitbull Poker in text format and are awaiting his analysis. We have since developed a feature that will allow for hand histories to be downloaded in text format and it will be available next week to every player. Superuser Accounts have never existed and we are awaiting FluffyChesters’ analysis to clear the rumors."

The player raising the stink, FluffyChester, calls himself "Chesterboy" on the TwoPlusTwo forums and started one of the threads about the current online poker cheat scandal. Here is what Chesterboy had to say in response to his comments on what Pitbull's Brenes said:

"Yes, they sent me 1,000 hands, but they are the last 1,000 I played. I had already realized that I was facing cheaters at this point and was avoiding them while I waited for them to process my cashout. I told Dave those hands were useless, but he told me they already started working on them and it is too late to change. A good chunk of them are in Pot Limit Omaha, which I don’t believe to have ever had any cheaters in. I posted them in the superuser thread and some people are working on a converter so that they can be plugged in to PokerTracker or Hold’em Manager even though I don’t think they will be of any use."

On the forums, Pitbull Poker is getting ripped for not providing the hands that were originally requested during a specific timeframe. The hands in question would have been played during a period that chesterboy and others in the thread felt that they were facing superusers. With the upcoming upgrade of Pitbull Poker's software that will allow hand histories to be downloaded, the industry will be able to analyze hands for any irregularities moving forward. The past, however, might remain a mystery if the present situation leads to no irregularities, or better put, straight evidence of cheating.

There will be more on this.