Thursday, August 06, 2009

First Foxwoods Casino Dealer Cops Plea in Craps Scam

If Chandler Alfred Jr.'s plea bargain with prosecutors is a precursor of what the other eleven felony-charged Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun dealer-cheats are in for, I'd say they are in pretty good shape. One of the inside participants in the big Connecticut casinos craps cheat scam, Alfred pleaded guilty to fourth-degree larceny, which is the equivalent of lifting a chocolate bar from a candy store. He got a one-year suspended sentence and was ordered to stay clean for one year and have no contact with the other charged dealer cheats. And, of course, he cannot step foot inside either Connecticut casino. For THAT I pity him!

What this slap-on-the-wrist sentence shows is how eager Connecticut prosecutors were to put Richard Taylor, the mastermind of the $70,000 craps scam, behind bars. They succeeded. Taylor crapped out with a ten-year prison sentence.