Monday, August 10, 2009

Australia's Star City Casino Latest Victim of Dealer Cheat Scam!

Yet Another Major Casino Scammed From the Inside By Cheating Dealer.

A major Australian casino has joined the inside scam victims list. This time it's the Star City Casino in Sydney. A 27 year-old unidentified male dealer has been fired over allegations he cheated to help his cohorts win big during a baccarat game. I don't yet have the particulars of how the scam went down but I'm guessing that it will prove to be another of the amateur scams that seem to fool the world's casino surveillance departments for long periods of time before finally being caught. Star Casino is still reviewing the dealer's actions over a weekend in early July, with the possibility the case could be forwarded to the police for a criminal investigation. It should be noted that Australia does not punish casino cheats nearly as severely as most US jurisdictions.

A Star City Casino spokesman refused to confirm the dealer had cheated but he did say that the dealer "compomised the integrity of the game he was dealing."


The spokesman added, "A Star City dealer has had his employment terminated with notice for breaching procedure in relation to the way he handled and dealt casino playing cards."

Sounds like good old insider casino cheating to me.