Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Interview The World Game Protection Conference and Willy Allison Don't Want You To See

World Game Protection Conference Conspiracy.
Atlantic City Surveillance News Involved As Well.
Evidence appears starting the second paragraph, so please read this entire article.
Question 13 in the interview below is what triggered the conspiracy.

This article is written for casino operators and tribal or gaming commissions who use Bill Zender, Sal Piacente, Bob Del Rossi or any other game protection training consultants connected to Willy Allison's World Game Protection Conference in Las Vegas. The purpose is to show how Allison, who sponsors and organizes various game protection seminars apart from his annual WGPC in Las Vegas, and surely profits from them, is behind a conspiracy to drive game protection consulting business away from Richard Marcus, who is by far the most qualified game protection consultant in the industry but is not one of Allison's inner group. As well, Zender, Piacente and Del Rossi have lots to lose by casinos calling me instead of them for game protection training. Moreover, Piacente and Del Rossi have questionable credentials to be considered real game protection consultants. Neither has intrinsic knowledge of cheating operations, and Piacente is really more a card trickster with a catchy wannabe name (Sal The Hitman) than anything else. After speaking with him on numerous occasions, I do not see how he qualifies as a game protection consultant. Zender, on the other hand, is a likeable guy with some cheating knowledge, however, many of his articles that have appeared in Casino Enterprise Management Magazine contain faulty information, especially those on the subject of cheating in casinos. Despite these facts, these three have managed to secure a monopoly on the game protection consulting and training business while effectively having me blacklisted. Of course Willy Allison is the unifying force behind them.

The first evidence of this was Allison's allowing Jeff Murphy to write an article convincing casinos not to hire ex-casino cheats for game protection cheating. Without mentioning my name, it was clear that Murphy's article was singling me out. Murphy had a vendetta against me because I mentioned in an article I wrote for CEM that many surveillance people had very little knowledge on casino cheating, which is an absolute fact.

But stronger evidence of this World Game Protection Conspiracy has just come to light.

In May, 2009, I received an e-mail (which can be seen upon request) from Anthony Weiss, who publishes the Atlantic City Surveillance News that appears on Willy Allison's Catwalk Newsletter, which is sent out to all of you. Weiss asked me for an in-depth interview that he could use to enlighten you as to how sophisticated professional casino cheat teams operate and how you can effectively fight them and train your people.

He wrote in his e-mail: "You are the one person I can think of who could share this valuable information with our industry."

He also wrote: "The industry is missing the boat by not taking as much information as possible and using it to understand the art of the move. I want the readers to see how much they are missing by only thinking about game protection from a casino employee standpoint and not from all sides of the table."

I agreed to do the interview and responded very thoroughly and thoughtfully to his questions, which he sent to me by e-mail. After I answered his questions, Weiss e-mailed me back to say how he was really excited about publishing the interview in the July, 2009 issue of his ACSN newsletter. He wrote, "this is fantastic stuff!"

But yesterday, I received this e-mail from Weiss:

"Hi Richard, wanted to drop you a quick email thanking you for answering all of the questions for the article we worked on. At this time I have decided to hold back on releasing it on the internet version of the Catwalk for various reasons as it was not a fit for this particular issue."

Please! Give me a break! He really insulted my intelligence with that. The real reason that the interview was quashed is that Willy Allison and his consortium of game protection consultants do not want you to read what I wrote, because when you read it, you will realize that you should be perhaps hiring me to train your tribal and gaming commissions and casino personnel in the field of game protection, and not only them.

In any event, click here to read the interview that transpired between me and Anthony Weiss of the Atlantic City Surveillance News: