Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Black Widow Sleight of Hand Device Has Casinos and Poker Rooms Worried About Inside Cheating By Dealers

Sleight of hand and cheating at gambling has long been a marriage made in griftingland, but now the Black Widow Cheating gadget, which is being called the best sleight of hand illusion switching device in history, has got casinos worried that crooked dealers will start using it to snatch big-denomination chips off their casino tables. Cheating casino dealers have long used palming techniques and various gadgets up their sleeves for ripping off their blackjack, craps and roulette tables of chips, but the Black Widow apparatus is reportedly so good and so fast that even if casino surveillance cameras filmed a dealer in the act of using it, nothing would show up on video.

This seems like real HOT SHIT to me! As of now, no evidence has come up concerning the use of a black widow in a casino, but you can bet your last chip that they are already out there on the tables. If you want to see a black widow in action, just go to YouTube.