Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Online Poker Network Rocked By Cheat Scandals Now Shining!

Two Giant Poker Cheat Sites Making Their Way Back To a Non-Online Poker Cheats World!

UltimateBet and Absolute Poker, however ungodly a combination they may be due to their respective online poker cheat scandals, are now powered by the Cereus Online Poker Network and have moved into the number 6 position this week, stunning Everest Poker. Just last month Cereus was just barely fighting off Microgaming's poker network in order to secure the number 7 spot.

This week, Cereus owns a comfortable 400 average real cash player lead over Microgaming (at number 8). They were averaging just over 150 more real cash players than Everest. And even more remarkably, Cereus could end up in the top 5 as the online poker network gains significant ground on powerhouse, OnGame. Cereus was a mere 350 average real cash players behind OnGame this week.

At least some of the increased traffic for Cereus could be attributed to UltimateBet spokeswoman, Annie Duke, appearing on this season's Celebrity Apprentice. Paul Leggett, CEO of the Cereus Group, revealed that a "major increase in traffic" had occurred as a result of Ms. Duke's appearance on the show.'s stats support that notion.

Senior Editor of that site, Payton O'Brien: "The final two weeks of the Celebrity Apprentice provided Gambling911 with monster traffic numbers, all people searching for Annie Duke and the Celebrity Apprentice, along with some betting odds inquiries."

It should be noted that few of the online gambling websites were offering Celebrity Apprentice betting odds during the second half of the show following some leaks and unusual betting patterns at the start of the season, most of which eventually came to fruition.

Over the past year and a half the Cereus Group has had to overcome major obstacles, including a high profile "cheating scandal" that found its way onto a segment of 60 Minutes.

Leggett has said that he is committed to ensuring UltimateBet and Absolute Poker's integrity from hereon in and that any "bad apples" that may have contributed to the compromise of their previous software platform are no longer associated with the company.