Sunday, May 24, 2009

Online Poker Scam in Form of Phising Hits bwin!

Scandal at Online Poker Site bwin is Latest Cheating Smear on online poker.

Customers of the online gaming operator bwin have in recent days found themselves the target of an email phishing attack, the criminally fraudulent process which attempts to acquire valuable personal data such as credit card numbers, passwords and account data from unsuspecting users.

Several customers have complained this week of receiving an email appearing to come from bwin, offering a number of exclusive prizes upon entry to a raffle. In order to enter into the competition, recipients are provided with a link to log-in to what appears to be the bwin site. In reality, the link takes customers to bwimpoker, an imitation site where users details are then stolen.

Customers logging into the site risk losing sensitive information, including log-ins and passwords.

Online poker forums have also suggested that customers have been attracted by an email sent to their account saying they have won a prize, but in order to claim it, must deposit $500. This less subtle scam goes on to advise players not to log-in to their bwin account for the next four days, presumably while its contents are emptied.

bwin is understood to be investigating the matter, and any customers who believe they may have been a victim of this fraud are urged to contact the company's customer services immediately.