Thursday, April 23, 2009

Controversial Poker Player Paul Phillips Admits He Used Enhancer Pills To Help Him Win $1.6 Million In 6 Months!

We all remember Paul Phillips, right? The Internet Tech Wiz, who was once banned from the WSOP for badmouthing the Horseshoe´s policy for cutting up tournament entry fees, has admitted to turning to "neuroenhancers" to help him beat the games while he was very active on the pro poker circuit.

Phillips, who started off writing software and helped found an Internet portal called go2net, and who is nicknamed "Dot Com," got into playing professional poker as a teenager and soon afterward started taking neuroenhancers. He won $1.6 million in six months.

“After a pill is consumed, tiny molecules are absorbed into the bloodstream, where they eventually cross the blood-brain barrier and influence the operation of the wetware up top.”

With Provigil, he “could process all the information about what was going on at the table and do something about it.”

I wrote a detailed article on these neuroenhancers. Read part one and part two.