Monday, December 08, 2008

Simple Ingenious Poker And Casino Cheating Scams…Where Have you Gone?

For the past five years we have been hearing about high-tech poker and casino cheating scams. For the past two years, most of what we’ve been reading about on the Internet has been online poker cheating, especially the software manipulation insider cheat scams at UltimateBet and Absolute Poker. But what about simple brick and mortar casino cheating? Has the simply ingenious genre of casino cheating been forever obliterated by the genesis that has evolved into high-tech digital camera, laser and microcomputer cheating? Will we ever again see effective casino cheating moves performed by that delicious combination of wit and balls?

Remember my famous Savannah roulette pinching/dragging move that fooled casino surveillance for five years and bilked casinos worldwide for millions? If you don’t, read about it. It is surely a refreshing break from the barrage of articles about 60 Minutes’ coverage of the UltimateBet online cheating scam, and the Savannah needed no computers, lasers, cell phones or digital cameras. My partners and I did it with just our hands and our balls, and to date it remains the best gambling cheating move ever, either online or off. It may not have earned the $60 million that the UltimateBet online hole-card-reading poker scam did, but it never got caught either and made the trio who performed it rich enough to never have to work again.

In any event, I hope to hear of a real “nuts and bolts” brick and mortar casino or poker cheat scam because I am starting to lose the faith. I retired from casino cheating nine years ago, and no one has followed in my footsteps. I am not encouraging people to cheat casinos, but people will always try to cheat the casinos regardless of what I say or don’t say. I am only saying that instead of reading about all this high-tech gizmo wizardry cheating, which seems to get caught anyway, I would love to hear of an old-school cheating team coming up with a clever cheat move that would put a smile on my face.

Remember, I don’t care what anyone says…For me, the best casino moves are those that are simple and fly beneath the radar. Remember that magical acronym “KISS?” That’s right, “Keep It Simple Stupid!” So if anyone out there hears about any clever old-fashioned poker or casino cheat moves, please let me know and I will be glad to write about them.

And if you’re a cheat team worthy of my envy and are out there now doing a great “low-tech” move, don’t forget to let me in on it as soon as you’re done, the way I let you in on the Savannah!