Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Has Gambling Cheating Online Surpassed Brick and Mortar Cheating?

Believe it or not, and in spite of all the online poker and casino cheating news you’ve been hearing and reading, online gambling cheating has not yet surpassed brick and mortar poker and casino cheating. In fact, it is still way behind. Because of the giant press the UltimateBet and Absolute Poker online cheating scams have been getting, and of the alleged involvement of ex-WSOP champ Russ Hamilton, as well as the current final table of the 2008 WSOP Main Event and the much anticipated broadcast of CBS’ “60 Minutes” segment covering the online cheat scams, brick and mortar cheating has been getting little coverage—in spite of the fact that it goes on every day in numerous locales throughout the gambling world. As I write this article, Russian brick and mortar poker cheat teams are circulating widely throughout Europe and have penetrated London’s poker rooms. They mainly work collusion and card-swapping scams, and I have even heard reports that they have gotten into laser card-marking operations, which would no doubt be the most dangerous (and lucrative for them) brick and mortar poker room scam yet seen. More Russian high-tech casino cheating teams are also operating in both Europe and the US, targeting roulette tables, where with their gadgetry they have the ability to accurately predict in what sections of numbers the ball will land…Macau continues to be prey for Asian casino cheat gangs who specialize in baccarat scams. Despite Macau boasting its state of the art casino surveillance rooms and top-shelf personnel, below, on their gargantuan casino floors, they are getting cheated out of tens of thousands of $ every day…In Las Vegas and Atlantic City, roulette pastposters and slot cheat teams with inside help are operating fruitfully…Connecticut casinos, now 16 years old and boasting the largest revenues in the world despite Macau’s massive casinos, continue to be the haven for casino dealers who want to rip off the casinos they work in. As has been its history, casino surveillance in Connecticut is weak and very late catching onto table gams scams and cheats. The only reason you hear so much about cheats getting busted in Connecticut casinos is because there is so much of it going on that you don’t hear about. Remember, only those busted make the news…In Mississippi, cheats are also thriving, especially in the poker rooms where good ol’ American cheat teams are colluding suckers out of there money…Surprisingly, I have not been getting that many reports about cheating in California’s casinos and cardrooms, with the exceptions of the Barona and Sycuan casino resorts near San Diego, where surveillance continues to be weak despite my participation in a Game Protection Seminar at the Barona casino in September, 2007. While there I noticed some really easy cheating opportunities in its gaming pits, especially at roulette and the poker carnival games.

So for you online players worried about online cheating and thinking of turning off your computer and heading to your local brick and mortar casino, think again!