Wednesday, July 30, 2008

UK and Canadian Regulators Joining National Police Forces in Effort to Stem Casino Cheating!

Well, I think the same thing is happening in the US with the FBI, which now has a special unit specializing in interstate AND international casino cheating operations, which, if you don´t know, fall under the RICO statutes that define racketeering activities within American borders--and guarantees prison terms for those convicted of crimes falling under its statutes. The FBI has been investigating organized slot machine cheating teams, and recently the major American/Canadian dealer/player baccarat scam that victimized more than 30 casinos, reaped more than $20 million in illicit profits and sent a parade of dealers, pit bosses and player/agents to prisons in both the US and Canada (the parade is still continuing as more people charged in the huge scam have copped pleas and are awaiting sentencing.

Almost simultaneously, government officials in both Canada and the UK have pledged financial support to police organizations and gaming commissions investigating casino cheating (I am speaking of real brick and mortar casino cheating, not online cheating). The UK has been home to several major live casino scams over the past five years, including the infamous Ritz Roulette Scam, where a trio of Eastern Europeans victimized London casino roulette wheels with laser scanners and cell phones to the "dial tone" of $3 million dollars, and a three-card poker scam using microcameras hidden in sleeves to film the faces of cards as they were dealt to the players.

However, the law is still murky in the UK as to what constitutes actual casino cheating. I am still not 100% sure if using equipment to predict the outcome of roulette spins is legal, but I think it is. But filming cards with hidden cameras is now clearly illegal in the UK, demonstrated by the convictions of the Chinese crew that pulled of London`s three-card poker scam.

When I was the world`s number one casino cheater, I didn´t have to worry too much about the FBI and international police agencies like Interpol--but times are changing!